REVIEW: KKW Beauty Classic Collection Bundle

Good evening beauty fam~!! I hope you all have been having an amazing week so far. A few weeks ago I decided to to get the KKW Beauty Classic Collection Bundle. I’ve never really bought into the hype for KKW Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics or any of their brands. But this collection caught my eye. I thought the eyeshadow palette and lipsticks shades looked beautiful! So I bit the bullet and bought the entire collection (rip back account)!! The bundle comes with a 10-pan eyeshadow palette, 4 Peach Creme Lipsticks and 4 Peach Creme Lip Liners in the same shades and the lipsticks. Keep reading for a full review and juicy swatches!

It’s $150USD for the whole bundle: 1x eyeshadow palette, 4x lipsticks, 4x lip liners

KKW Beauty Classic Palette

So this is the palette that caught my eye to begin with. The eyeshadow has 10 peach-themed shades for you to play with. There are 7 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades. Personally I’m more of a shimmer shadows kind of gurl and I find it difficult to make interesting looks with just matte shades. There also a pinky peach shade and light mauve shade but I’m not really sure how to use these and incorporate them into a look…if you have any suggestions, let me know! But I managed to create a slightly smokey brown looks using the three darker brown shades on the right of the bottom row.

These eyeshadows are buttery and pigmented but I’m not super impressed. I don’t think anything will ever top my colourpop eyeshadows but these are not bad. I guess I expected more for the price point. I love the packaging tho! It’s in a sleek, thin palette…reminds me a lot of the Lorac Pro Palettes. It’s in that matte cardboard palette which means you won’t break it if you drop it! And because it’s so slim, it’s great to travel with. I’m still trying to decide if I like this palette. I’m kind of on the fence with it since I’m struggling to figure out what looks would work for me. But if you love matte peachy shades, then I think you’ll love this palette!!

I use the last three darkest shades to create my look

KKW Beauty Peach Creme Lipsticks and Liners

Okay I was really super excited to try these lipsticks. I absolutely love lipsticks, I think they’re the kind of product that make or break your look. First off the packaging is pretty darn cool. The lipstick bullets are housed in this transparent plastic case so they look awesome but they do feel a tad cheap…like if you drop it, you might break it. It would have been a nicer touch if it had that kind of magnetic closure, you know? The texture of the lipsticks are soooooo nice. They are buttery smooth like a lip balm but perform amazingly well. These are super pigmented, it even leaves a bit of a stain after wearing them. They have a natural, satin kind of finish (I wore a thick layer of lip balm so in my photos they look a bit glossy). The lipliners are also really nice. They creamy, buttery and pigmented, I have no complaints.

(L-R): Peach 1, Peach 2, Peach 3, Peach 4

However the colours themselves just…don’t look right. Compared from the pictured on the KKW Beauty website, the colours just looked a lot more brighter on my face than I imagined. I thought they would be more of a nude, muted tone as opposed to being super bright. So I might try and explore other colours outside of the peach range because the formula is great…but the colours aren’t looking too good on me.

The shades from lightest to darkest are just Peach 1, Peach 2, Peach 3, Peach 4.
Peach 1 just looks shocking on me, I hate it LOL. Peach 2 and 3 aren’t too bad but I wouldn’t wear them again (Peach 3 almost looks fluro on me). Peach 4 is probably the best shade on me but I don’t wear a lot of reds so I’m going to have to skip out on this one too.

That’s pretty much it guys! Overall I think there are some quality products in KKW Beauty. But given the how expensive the products are and the shipping fee you have to pay, you should do your research. Have a lot at swatches and read reviews to see if there’s a product you really really want. I will definitely be a bit more cautious the next time I decide to purchase something from KKW Beauty. What do you guys think? What have you tried and loved from the brand, I would love to read all about it in the comments!!

Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you next week~! xx

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11 thoughts on “REVIEW: KKW Beauty Classic Collection Bundle

  1. Very interesting review! I myself haven’t bought anything from KKW or Kylie but I have been tempted! Gosh the price we have to pay is ridiculous. The palette looks gorgeous and I love the look you created. I think if given the money, I’d rather spend on other makeup though ☺💜💗🌈

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  2. The shades in the palette look pretty, but I also don’t think it’s worth the price point! 😦 You did an amazing eye look though! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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