Why Roaccutane Has Been The Best Thing For My Skin!


Hey beauty fam! LONG TIME NO BLOG POST! I’m so sorry but I’ve been super busy that I held off on the blogging for a little bit…I MISSED YOU GUYS THOUGH! Anyway I’m back at it with a new post on roaccutane! I was roaccutane for 15 months. I had really bad acne, it was all over my face, with some on my chest and back. So I went to see a dermatologist in Melbourne, started getting roaccutane and it’s the best investment I’ve made in my skin. I haven’t had a breakout since being off the medication and I couldn’t be more happier. I’m gonna share in this blog post my entire journey, what I went through, how my skin looked, how I now take care of my skin and answer questions from instagram. LET’S GET INTO IT!!

My Acne History

Like any other teen, I mainly had acne on my forehead (didn’t help that I had thick ass bangs). At the time it wasn’t much of an issue. It wasn’t until I started going to uni that I started to get acne everywhere else. I started getting it on my cheeks (which was completely new territory for me), my back, chest and even my scalp. It wasn’t THAT bad but it was enough for me to see a dermatologist. So I did a lil’ google search and decided to see Dr. Claire Schofield from Melbourne City Dermatology. I made an appointment to see her and she prescribed me some anti-biotics and recommended I take the pill to help level out my hormones (this seemed to be the cause for all my acne). I took this medication for a few months and skin cleared up! It was great until I got off it, and then my acne came back. So I went back to Dr. Schofield and got more of the same medication. And the same thing happened: my skin cleared up, but came back as soon as I got off the meds. Thankfully I didn’t get any side effects from the pill (I was on Estelle) or from the antibiotics. Nevertheless I went back to the dermatologist and then we decided it was time to bring out the big guns: roaccutane.

Feb 2016: Acne wasn’t too bad, but I usually never get any acne on my cheeks or chin so this was alarming.

Getting On Roaccutane

I started off with taking 10mgs of roaccutane and took my estelle pill with it. For those of you who are sexually active, you have to take the pill with roaccutane. Because in the off chance you get pregnant while on the meds, the baby is going to have a lot of complications so…practice safe sex guys! Initially my only side effect was my emotions. I think I was a little more sensitive so I got happy really easily or I got upset very easily. But other than that, I did not have any of those crazy side effects that you hear people talk about on the internet. But everyone is different so just keep that into consideration if you decide to get on roaccutane. In 3 months, I didn’t really notice a difference. In fact my acne got a little bit worse due to purging (will talk a bit more about that later). It was probably around the 6 month mark that I started to see a noticeable difference. My acne was slowly going away and I wasn’t getting any new breakouts. It was around this time that my dermatologist decided to double my dosage since my body was taking it so well. I started to take 20mgs of roaccutane and switched pills. I started taking Levlen instead of Estelle because Estelle can actually be really good for reducing acne. So my derma wanted to switch pills to make sure the roaccutane was doing its thing and not the pill.

March 2017: This was around the time I started to get my roaccutane treatment.
April 2017: This is my skin at its worst. Not bad compared to other people but for me, it was a real hit to my self-esteem. I also went make-up free most days.
May 2017: This is from my Oval Brushes review. Acne was still going pretty strong.
June 2017: This was from my GRWM BYS Berrie Palette post. My Skin has started to clear up and look a lot better…I still had a few spots.

Getting Off Roaccutane

So I was on the medication from March of 2017 til June of 2018, so the process took a little over a year. As I was finishing up my meds, I didn’t have to taper off it. I was able to just stop taking it and I didn’t get any withdrawals or anything like that. And to this day, my skin is still in amazing condition. Part of it is a good skincare routine that I’ve got going on but the roaccutane has kept my skin blemish free. I haven’t had a break out since and I’m so happy with the results. If you’ve taken the pill with roaccutane then you need to stay on it for a few more months, or at least until you’ve finished your script so that if you are sexually active, you won’t have any weird baby complications. And that’s another thing, you can’t take this medication if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant so that’s something to think about if that’s your situation.

Post Roaccutane Skincare Routine

My skincare is mainly korean skincare products and products from The Ordinary. I’ve become a little more conscious of what ingredients are in my skincare products and what ingredients will make my skin happy. Here’s a quick little rundown of how my skincare routine goes: oil cleansing, milk cleansing, exfoliate once a week, essence, serum X 3, moisturiser, SPF for the day time or Jojoba oil for night time and ending with eye cream. My skincare routine doesn’t really change between day and night but the serums change. All of the serums I use are from The Ordinary and each have ingredients which will target a specific concern. For both day and night I use The Buffet. This is sort of an all-rounder serum which has made my skin feel pretty darn soft. In the day time I use Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. My dermatologist specified that this ingredient is great if you have acne prone skin as it helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and reduces congestion. I then follow this up with Granactive Retnoid Emulsion 2%. This is a vitamin A serum which is fantastic for anti-aging. At night, I use The Buffet, Granactive Retnoid Emulsion 2% and follow up with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10%. This is a vitamin C serum which will help to brighten my skin, help with scarring and anti-aging. As for the rest of the skincare, all the products are great for sensitive skin and I try to focus on properly layering and hydrating my skin to prevent future breakouts. If you wanna know more about The Ordinary products, I recommend emailing them with what your skin concerns are. I did this and they were really helpful and recommending the right products for me. Also my skin type has changed a bit. It’s more normal and sensitive, I’m not oily like I use to be. So roaccutane might change you skin type too!!

(L-R): Muji Oil Cleanser, Hada Labo Cleasner, Hada Labo AHA+BHA Cleanser
Day time products (L-R): QV Cream, Laneige Skin Toner, The Ordinary Buffet, Niacinamide, Retnoid Emulsion, Etude House Surprise Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++, Etude House Moistfull Eye Cream.
Night time products (L-R): QV Cream, Laneige Skin Toner, The Ordinary Buffet, Magnesium, Retnoid Emulsion, Jojoba Oil, Etude House Moistfull Eye Cream.

How Much Does All This Cost?

My first visit to Melbourne City Dermatology in 2015 was $240, you get a little bit back if you have Medicare. And each consultation after that was $160. So I’ve been seeing my dermatologist for a few years now but during my whole roaccutane process, I only saw her about 3 or 4 times. So don’t worry, it’s not like you’re forking out $160 every month to see the derma. If I ever ran out of my prescription and needed more, my dermatologist would write one up for me and I could pick it up from reception, no need for a consultation. The pill is relatively cheap. One box can range anywhere between $5-$30AUD depending on if you have a health care card and what kind of pill you’re taking. Some can even cost over $100 but the ones I took were definitely under $30. Each box usually comes with 3-4 months worth so you’ll be set. As for the roaccutane, one box was about $40-$50AUD. Each box had 60 10mgs roaccutane pills so if you took one for everyday, that’s 2 months worth. Towards the end when I was taking 20mgs, I would go through 1 box within a month. Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of money at the dermatologist and on medication, but it was all worth it!

May 2018: My skin with and without makeup in the NYX Wanderlust Palette review. Now that my skin is clear, makeup looks so much better.
August 2018: goddamn my skin looks good.

Questions From Instagram

I asked you guys to send me some questions around this topic. Hopefully what I’ve got so far have covered some of the more in-demand questions. But here are a few others which I haven’t covered yet:

 – How did you make-up gently without irritating your skin? I loveeeeee to use oil cleansers! Wipes and towels or even products like Face Halo are great for removing makeup but I personally feel that they stress out my skin. These products require you to really rub and tug on your skin, which I disagree with. With an oil cleanser, it leaves a very slippery surface which allows you to glide your hands over your face and effectively wash off all your makeup without excessive tugging. This is my preferred method for make-up removal and I highly recommend it! It’s also a great way to give your self a little facial while you’re melting off the makeup.

 – What is the best make-up to use while on roaccutane? Honestly, you can use whatever makeup you want. You may want to avoid products that are too drying as roaccutane dries out your skin. But my dermatologist never told me that I had to avoid certain ingredients or products. Just make sure you’re washing your face thoroughly before and after make-up! Skincare plays a really big role in the health of your skin so just make sure you’re prioritising your skincare.

 – How do you remove acne scars? This is something I am still struggling with. But scars take time. You can do lasers and other expensive treatments but scars just take time to fade. At the moment I’m using an AHA+BHA cleanser once to two times a week to gently exfoliate and my vitamin C serum to help fade the scars. So unfortunately there’s so miracle! Just be patient, and stick to a good skincare routine (so don’t swap out products all the time, your skin needs time to see results from skincare products).

 – Does fast food cause acne? Personally for me, my acne was caused due to hormonal imbalances. I always found that taking the pill helped clear up my acne and regulate my period. But fast food can definitely cause acne! What goes into the body, will show on your skin so a balanced diet is key! Also drink lots of water!! I’m not a healthy eater but I drink tonsssss of water. I drink 2 litres everyday (well try to) and it definitely helps to cleanse my insides and hydrate my skin from the inside out.

– Did roaccutane cause you to purge? YES. My acne got worse before it got better. This along with my increased emotions were the only side effects I got. But this is normal and was told to not be alarmed if my acne got worse while on roaccutane. It definitely hurt when I washed my face so for a few months, I was makeup free to give my skin that time to breathe and let the meds do its thing. I know a lot of you guys might not be comfortable with going without makeup but gotta let you skin breathe!

OKAYYY THAT’S IT!!! Goddamn that was one long blog post, what a way to get back into it. But I hope you found this extremely helpful. I learned a lot during this process so hopefully I’ve helped you if you’re having acne troubles and are considering to get on roaccutane. Make sure you do speak to a medical professional! I am no professional, I’m just here to tell you about my experience.

If you have any questions or you think I’ve missed something, please comment below and I’ll be sure to reply. And if you’ve been on roaccutane before, leave a lil snippet of your experience below and hopefully it’ll help out some of the other readers. Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you next week~! xx

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