Haul & First Impressions: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Bloggers United to attend an event with LUSH (that brand that’s famous for their bathbombs)! We got to see how some of the products are made, what the brand is all about and what products they offer. I have never tried LUSH before so this was the perfect opportunity for me to test some of their goods and see what the hype is all about. They’re a cruelty free cosmetics brand that has a reputation for using safe and/or natural ingredients. I’m starting to be a little more wary of what I’m putting on my skin so it’s great to see a brand like LUSH be transparent to their customers about what goes into each product. On the night I was gifted a few products, but I also picked up a few things that peaked my interest. Let’s get into the haul!

Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion

I spoke to a Lush representative and told her that I’ve been having a bit of a rash issue on my forearms. Not really sure what’s causing it because it’s only started to happen in the last few months. But every couple of weeks, my arms get really irritated, red, itchy and splotchy. The representative recommended the Dream Cream, which is LUSH’s most popular and cult product. It’s a hand and body lotion that’s supposedly great for people with eczema. It’s got some really hydrating and nourishing ingredients such as rose water, cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil. It’s a unique mix which gives off a weird scent…it’s not bad, but it’s different. It’s a really thin lotion and absorbs fairly quickly. It has definitely helped with my rash problem but I need to use it continuously to maintain smooth skin. I definitely like this but the smell does put me off a little bit, so keep that in mind when shopping for this.

Ultrabalm All Purpose Balm

The Lush rep also recommended I layer their Ultrabalm over the Dream Cream to help with my rash. This is their version of paw paw oinment. You can use it as lip balm, for minor cuts, chafed skin or to soften your cuticles…pretty much anything! This All Purpose Balm is made up of Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax and Rose Wax. It’s insanely moisturising and has a slightly heavy feel if you use this to moisturise all over. I recommend using this as a “spot treatment” kind of moisturiser. Like in places where you’ve got dry patches like elbows or lip area. There’s no scent to this which is great! I would say to only get this if you really need that extra bit of moisture, I wouldn’t consider this to be a must-have.

*Dream Cream and Ultrabalm were purchased

Cup O’ Coffee Face and Body Mask

At the Bloggers United X LUSH event, we watched a demonstration on how this mask was made which was so cool to watch. This mask has actual coffee grounds in it, along with Agave, Glycerine and Vanilla Absolute. This is an exfoliating mask which does have a strong ass coffee smell. So if you’re not into coffee, you might want to give this a skip. I’ve only used this once but I found that the scrub part was quite harsh and abrasive. I feel like having actual coffee grounds in it, isn’t the best idea. I don’t think they coffee particles were fine enough to gently exfoliate my face. It felt a bit painful to take it off and felt really scratchy, would not recommend (smells so good tho).

Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

This mask was also demonstrated during the event and we saw the LUSH representative make this with Rose Oil, Calamine Powder and Kaolin. If you’re curious about what all these ingredients are, you need to visit the LUSH website, it’s got all the ingredient information you could ever need. Anyway the Rosy Cheeks mask is meant to calm rosacea and any redness in the skin. I don’t get a huge amount of redness but just a little on the cheeks after I shower. They recommend to keep this in the fridge so when you do use it, it’s got that nice cooling sensation which I really like. It’s also really cleansing and hydrating so I definitely like this mask and would buy it again!

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

I came back to the LUSH store a few days later because I wanted to see what cleansers they carried. I wanted something that was nourishing on the face but would also give my skin a good clean. I decided to pick up the Ultrabland Facial Cleanser. It’s a no bullshit kind of product since it’s got skin friendly ingredients such as Almond Oil, Beeswax, Honey and Rose Water. I haven’t tried this product just yet but I’m excited to see how it goes. This is their version of a cleansing balm which means it should be able to take off your makeup as well!

*Cup O’ Coffee and Rosy Cheeks gifted, Ultrabland Cleanser was purchased

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I’ve never used a lip scrub before so I was excited to find this in my goodie bag from the event. We got the Bubblegum flavour which…it really does smell like bubblegum. It’s really sweet smelling, it kind of reminds me of those frozen raspberry drinks. It’s got some castor sugar and jojoba oil and it’s edible so you can actually eat it once you’re done scrubbing. I’ve used it once and I really like it! My lips definitely feel super soft afterwards. The bubblegum smell is really strong tho so if you’re not into sweet scent, skip this.

Scrubee Body Butter

For some reason I thought this was a bathbomb which I don’t use. It wasn’t unitl I opened the paper wrapping that I realised it’s not a bathbomb…so I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited by the concept of it. It’s a body butter that you use in the shower, but it’s also got exfoliating features so it’ll hydrate your skin but also polish off any dead skin you got clinging around. It’s got cocoa butter, shea butter, ground coconut shell and ground almonds. Hopefully this one won’t be as harsh as the coffee mask.

*Scrubee and Lip Scrub gifted

And that’s everything! Hopefully this gives you guys a good breakdown of the products and will encourage you to check out the range. Let me know what LUSH products I should add to my regime, I would love to know what you think. I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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Thank you Bloggers United X LUSH for having me!

11 thoughts on “Haul & First Impressions: LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

  1. Dream Cream has become one of my all-time favourites ever since I discovered it! I don’t mind the scent though I understand why people wouldn’t like it. I think maybe you have a sensitive nose like my mother because she wasn’t the fondest of the scent either.

    Rosy Cheeks sounds great. I’ve heard of it before but never got round to trying it out so maybe I’ll give that a try next time I pop in!

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