Skincare Haul Ft. Muji, The Ordinary & Lanolips

Good evening beauty fam! Priceline had their 40% skincare sale last week so ya gurl picked up some skincare essentials! Some were from Priceline, some were online and some were from Mecca. There’s a lot of items so let’s get right into the haul!

Muji Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Milk

This is my favourite cleansing duo. I start everyone morning, and every night with these two cleansers. I take my makeup off with the Cleansing Oil, it melts everything off effortlessly…INCLUDING WATERPROOF MAKEUP OMG. And once all the makeup is off, I do a second and final cleanse with the Muji Cleansing Milk. This is a very gentle cleanser that I massage on to wet skin. After rinsing it off, my face feels squeaky clean but still hydrated and super soft. By doing this double cleansing method it ensures that my skin is thoroughly cleansed and ready for the rest of my skincare routine. These are the only cleansing products I’ve used in the last few years and I love them!

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

I love this stuff. I’ve mentioned it heaps before in other blog posts but if this is your first time hearing about it, then you NEED to get this product. This is just an extra step I take before moisturising and after cleansing. Instead of using a traditional toner, I like to use an essence which will help prep my skin for serum and moisturiser. I just a small amount into the palm of my hand and gently pat all over my face. I do this three times and I end up with super soft skin! It really does make a difference in the texture of my skin. Highly recommend!

The Ordinary The Buffet

This is probably my 5th or 6th bottle. This is a great all-rounder serum. I love the glass dropper bottle. I save all the bottles and use them for when I’m travelling. I like to fill up the empty bottles with my oil cleanser and essence and take them with me if I decide to travel. But anyway the serum itself is a light-weight gel. There’s no fragrance or irritants in it so it works really well with my sensitive skin. My skin feels super quenched when I use this which is perfect since I like my skin care to be all about hydrating and moisturising.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

I received this product in the Mecca Beauty Loop Box (level 2). This is two-step system where you first exfoliate and smooth out the skin, and then use an anti-ageing neutraliser (which I think is just a fancy word for serum). I haven’t gotten around to trying this yet but I’m excited to see how it works on my skin. It’s definitely a unique system for exfoliating, I’ll keep you posted!

Mecca Cosmetica Micellar Water, Face Mask & Eye Mask

Okay, I was pretty darn excited when I got these as a birthday gift from Mecca. I received a box and inside has three of their skincare products: the Micellar Water, the Brightening Hydrogel Sheet Mask and the Hydrogel Eye Mask. I haven’t used the masks yet but I have tried the Micellar Water and it’s really nice! Very gentle on the skin and doesn’t irritate. Also how beautiful is that rose gold packaging?!?!?!

Simple Skincare Facial Cleansing Wipes

I don’t use cleansing wipes a lot because I find that they can be fairly abrasive on my skin and just make them feel really irritated. But if I do use cleansing wipes, I really love the Simple Skincare ones! The wipe itself is really really soft is which good when you’re rubbing your makeup off. It doesn’t tear or feather up when you’re trying to use up the wipe, it’s durable. And I can confirm it does remove your makeup really well. For my waterproof eye makeup, I just hold the wipe in place for a few seconds before I wipe away and it takes off the bulk of it. I then like to fold the wipe into a point and use this to get into any corners or my eyes and get rid of anything that might be left over. These are definitely the best wipes from the drugstore.

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm

It’s not a skincare haul without picking up my all-time favourite lip balm!! This stuff the thickest, smoothest, balmiest lip balm ever and I love it so much. This has saved me in times of drought and my lips would be cracking and flaking. I usually have two or three lying around because I love it so much! If you like thick lip balms then this is it. It’s a little more pricey but it’s so worth the money. One tube will last me a while because a little bit of it goes a longgggg way. Get on it, fam! You NEED in your life.

And that’s my skincare haul! I had a few items that I already know are my fave but I also got some new products that I’ve never tried so I’m excited to see how it goes! Let me know what skincare you really love, I have fairly sensitive skin so let me know what you would recommend in the comments! I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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9 thoughts on “Skincare Haul Ft. Muji, The Ordinary & Lanolips

  1. Great Haul! I love the simple wipes!

    Ive tried the MUJI foaming cleanser which didn’t work out for me because it stung my eyes and didn’t remove my makeup as well as I hoped. Sounds like the oil cleanser might be a better fit for what I need!

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