REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation SPF 15

Good evening beauty fam! For Christmas I received the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation from one of my good friends. I’ve heard of the foundation before but I didn’t really want it until I Safira told me she used it in one of her photos…and om her skin looked flawless. So I asked my friend to buy it for me and now here we are! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I have a few things to say about it, so here is a review!

The Packaging

You cannot fault Charlotte Tilbury for her packaging. I have her lipstcks and Instant Look palette, both have amazing packaging. It’s sturdy, it’s beautiful, it’s exactly what you want when you’re paying top dollar for high-end cosmetics. With that being said, I love the packaging of the Magic Foundation…even the box it comes in is so pretty! It’s a pastel, light pink box with the signature rose gold and burgundy colour palette. There’s a really detailed list of ingredients, instructions and small description of the product which I find really helpful…really clear and concise! And when you open the box, your eyes are graced with the presence of this gorgeous, matte glass bottle, gold cap…AND IT HAS A PUMP #godbless. Glass bottles might not be travel friendly but I do really really like it…so pretty.

The Product

As soon as you pump out the product you’ll notice it’s quite thick. You’ll definitely notice when you try to blend it out, it doesn’t spread as easily as other foundations I’ve tried. And I think it’s because of the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide ingredients (might not be photo-friendly either!). These ingredients give the foundation an SPF of 15 and I think they’ve given the foundation a sunscreen-like texture. I recommend using a primer under this to help spread the product evenly. I have the shade 3.5, it appears to be quite yellow toned but once I blend it out with a makeup sponge it matches my skin tone really well. I would consider this to be a medium-full coverage foundation. With one layer it evens out my skin pretty well but I do like to go in with a little more product to cover my dark circles. After blending it leaves the skin with a dewy finish which is great for those with dry skin. If you have oilier skin, definitely set with a powder!

The Wear

After completing my rest of my makeup, my face looks flawless. My skin just looks really smooth and spotless. Depending on the powder you set with, this can either look glowy and dewy or soft and matte…the choice is yours! Now, I did use primer and powder so maybe that helped it to last longer. But I did wear this in incredibly hot weather conditions and I was surprised with how well it stayed on my face. I would wear this all day, be out and about and the foundation stayed put. Plus I loved that it has the physical sunscreen ingredients to further protect my skin during our Melbourne summer heat. By the end of a 8-10 hour day, my blush, highlight and bronzer are all still in place which tells me that this foundation hasn’t gone anywhere!

(L-R): No foundation / With foundation. It covered some minor acne scarring.
My makeup using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 3.5 (natural lighting)

All in all I really like this foundation! It took me a while to get use to the thick texture but I’m really impressed with how this worked with my skin…especially skin I heard some mixed reviews about this product. Let me know if you’ve tried the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation and if you found it a lil too thick as well. I’ll be replying in the comments! I’ll see you all next week! xx

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17 thoughts on “REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation SPF 15

  1. I personally hated this foundation when I took home a sample, but it’s great that it worked out for you! I found it too thick and maybe I didn’t blend it enough but felt that it made my skin look really cakey and dry. I just didn’t like it. :/ I do want to try her other base products though.

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    1. Yeah it can be a bit difficult to blend out but once you do blend it looks great on the skin! I think there’s another foundation in the range that might be better suited to dry skin 🙂


      1. I actually have combo/oily skin so I was surprised that it looked dry and cakey on me! Hm, maybe I’ll try it again when I get the chance and prep my skin differently. Who knows, my skills might be better now, haha.

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  2. I haven’t tried any Charlotte Tilbury before but the packaging is always so classy and pretty! This does sound like a foundation for me although I’m not looking for one at the moment. What lipstick are you wearing in your completed look? I really like the colour! X

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  3. It looks so nice on you! Especially with that lip colour!

    I have the sheer foundation from Charlotte Tilbury and really want to try this one!
    How was it after a couple of hours?

    I have really dry skin so a bit nervous about trying it!

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    1. Thank you! Well because I used this with a primer and powder it lasted me all day long, still looked fresh at the end of a long day. It actually has more of a dewy-ish finish so I can’t imagine it lasting very long without primer/powder. But seeing as you have dry skin, I think you’ll like it! Just make sure to blend properly and maybe set with a light layer of powder.

      Thanks for reading! xx


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