Colourpop Haul #3 (because I have no self control) Ft. Pressed Shadows and Brush Sets

I have made quite a few Colourpop orders over the last few months which means the time has come for a haul post. Honestly I have no control, not even going to deny it. But can you blame me? The last few launches from Colourpop have been insane! They have been killin’ it with their new releases and made it impossible for me to hold back.

Colourpop Eyebrow Colour and Super Shock Blush

I’m about to finish my first pot of the Colourpop Eyebrow Colour in “Black n Brown”. It’s their take on an eyebrow pomade and it’s been my go-to eyebrow pomade for the last six months. Originally I was using the Chi Chi Eyebrow Pomade, which I liked but the Colourpop one is better. It’s a drier formula which makes it a lot easier for building up colour and shape slowly. The Chi Chi one was more watery and runny in texture but still pigmented which meant it was a lot harder to work with because the mistakes were not very forgiving. The Colourpop ones has lasted me for months and over the time I’ve used it, it’s never dried out! If you’re wanting to achieve that dramatic, instagram eyebrow look for cheap, definitely try the Colourpop Eyebrow Colour.

I love the Super Shock Shadows and so I wanted to try the Super Shock Blushes to see if they were just as good! I bought the shade “Never Been Kissed”. When I first got it, I saw the colour in person and originally thought it was way too dark for me and that I might have to exchange it for something lighter. But as it turns out, it’s the perfect colour for when I want to look more awake and refreshed. I’ve always used more subtle colours for a more natural looking flush but this colour…I don’t know what it is but it makes me look a ton more youthful and healthy looking! If you’re around an NC20-25, try this shade because I think you’ll like it. As for the formula, it’s very Colourpop and I love how long wearing it is. It doesn’t fade or anything so I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new and affordable blush.

Colourpop Pressed Shadow Palettes

The Yes, Please!  was the first palette I bought. I have a custom palette of Colourpop’s pressed shadows but this was their first ever 12-pan palette that Colourpop had put together. At first I wasn’t keen on getting it and I wasn’t even planning to purchase it. But as a beauty blogger you’re always on the ‘gram to see what everyone else is using and sure enough this palette was all over my feed. Other than the yellow I really like the brown and warm pink shades which are right up my alley. I noticed then shadows are a tad smaller in diameter compared to the single eyeshadows but they don’t compromise the amazing pigmentation, wear and overall quality of these shadows.

Yes, Please! Palette Swatches (L-R): Full Zip, Big Cocktails, Champs, Bling, Louie, Butter Cake, Spoiled, GNO, Mischet, Note to Self, Chauffeur, French Kiss.

The next palette I got was the She palette. This was actually the palette I originally wanted from the beginning but it was sold out for the longest time. It was recently re-stocked so I decided to get it and it did not disappoint. A lot of the shades in the palette are of shimmer/metallic finishes which I really like, they always give off an ethereal and glowly feature to the eyes. There are only four matte shades which I think a really complimentary to the shimmer shades in the palette. Also I think it’s going to be perfect for the spring season in Australia at the moment!

She Palette Swatches (L-R): Ladylike, Babe, Dainty, Chick, Mademoiselle, Gal, Empress, Filly, Dear, Missy, Damsel, Duchess.

The last palette I bought is one of their more recent palettes which is You Had Me At HelloI remember I first saw the palette when Colourpop unveiled it on their Insta-Stories and immediately said “oooooh”. Not only did I really love the colour scheme in the palette, but it was also a first to have a mirror inside!!!! Usually mirrors aren’t a make or break for me. But having a mirror built into the palette just makes it that much more convenient for when you need to travel or if you’re just too lazy to grab a separate mirror. There’s a good mixture of matte and shimmer shades which means there’s a lot of versatility in the kind of looks you can achieve with this one palette.

You Had Me At Hello Palette Swatches (L-R): The Knot, Moon Struck, Two Peas, Candygram, Winning Ticket, FBO, Look-See, Fool’s Rush, Pulling Strings, Want U Back, DTR, Sparks Fly.

Colourpop Lippie Stix

Colourpop’s Lippie Stix are by far my favourite lipsticks ever…like…EVER!!! I love how comfortable and long wearing the matte formula is. It’s my everyday go-to lipstick and I actually just recently finished my first tube! Anyway for this haul I bought three colours: Parker, Faded and Kapish. Lately I’ve been really loving Parker as my everyday colour. It’s a perfect, peachy matte nude that gives me the perfect hint of colour that doesn’t make me look overdone. Faded is a beautiful coral pink in a creme finish that I think will be perfect for this spring season. As for Kapish, it’s more on the brown family of lipsticks which doesn’t suit me as much but I’ll try wearing with different eye looks.

(L-R): Parker, Faded & Kapish

Colourpop Brushes

I have had my eye on Colourpop’s Brush Set for what feels like forever. When it first came out, I was low money so I didn’t get them. And then of course they were out of stock for a few months. I finally managed to order them and I think they’re one of the most beautiful brushes I’ve ever had! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Unicorn and Starburst Brushes. But there’s something about the white brushes with the pink roll that just goes really well together. I also really like thick the brush handles are. I feel that they’re easier to get a grip on which is going to give you more control over how you use the brushes. There’s a really good variety in this set. You get a good mixture of face and eye brushes so it’s really great if you’re wanting to buy your first set of brushes. I have also washed them and I can confirm that they don’t shed so you’re definitely getting your moneys worth!

And that’s it! That’s the end of my Colourpop haul!! I’m going to try and not by anymore Colourpop products for the next month or so because they are making me crazy for their products which is also making me a bit broke. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post, let me know what Colourpop products you’ve been loving lately, let’s fan girl over them together!

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