Empties #7 Ft. The Ordinary, Lanolips & The Saem

Good evening beauty fam~! It’s been quite a few months since my last empties post. Don’t get me wrong, I have gone through some products but a lot of them were repeats of what I’ve mentioned before. So I decided to wait until I’ve accumulated some empties that I might now have mentioned before! Let’s get right into it.

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

You all know how much I love this essence. It keeps my skin super soft and supple and I can’t go a day without it. But while I was in Seattle, I did run out and had to use a different essence and I can honestly say that I noticed a difference. When I didn’t use this, I found that my skin had more bumpiness and texture that I didn’t have before. I also found that my skin got dull and tired looking. And it wasn’t as plump. So I think this is product I’ll have to continue using but I have no complaints because I love it!! It’s probably the most expensive product in my skincare regime but it’s definitely worth it!

Etude House True Relief  Moist Cream

This has been the best moisturiser ever! I love how thick it is, it’s the perfect product to ensure that all my serums and concentrates are locked in with this thick cream. It can feel heavy so I definitely would not recommend this for oil skin babes, but if you dry skin, you’ll love it!! If you can’t get your hands on this, then the Aveeno Body Lotion makes a great alternative. It won’t be as thick but it’ll definitely moisturise.

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion

This was gifted to me by my beautiful friend, Ellen! I was still going through other moisturisers so I didn’t use it until I needed a moisturiser to take with me to Seattle. I practically finished the whole tub during my trip because I loved it so much. I used it day and night and it kept my skin plump and hydrated. Only downside is that it’s quite a pricey. It’s not exactly friendly on the student wallet and considering how fast I went through it, you would have to re-purchase fairly often. So if you can afford it, give it a go. If not, you’re not missing out on much.

The Ordinary “Buffet”

This was my very first “Ordinary” product and I’m already more than half through of my SECOND bottle. I love this serum! I noticed my skin was so soft and and super glowy after using it for the first few weeks. It has a slimy texture but it blends and absorbs into the skin very quickly. It does leave a slight sticky residue but it doesn’t bother me since I’m layering thicker products on top anyway. I use this after essence, before moisturiser and it’s been amazing. I’m currently on my second bottle and also trying out other products from The Ordinary. I can see why everyone is so hyped up about this brand and you should be to! For the product, it is so reasonably priced which is perfect for those student budgets. Highly recommend!

Etude House Surprise Airy Finish Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

I just cracked open my second bottle of this sunscreen, let me tell ya why it’s so special. It’s a mineral sunscreen which means it creates a physical barrier between your skin and the UV rays (more friendly on acne-prone skin). So most mineral sunscreens are gonna have that thick and white cast that makes everyone hate using sunscreen. But this has been the best sunscreen I’ve ever used! It’s not thick, sticky and doesn’t have that gross white cast. It has a soft, matte finish when it dries down which makes it a perfect base for your makeup. I hasn’t caused me to breakout either! I’m not sure if there’s tea-tree oil in it, but there’s definitely a tea-tree smell (but it fades so don’t worry!). Anyway it’s an awesome sunscreen for everyday, get on it!

Neutrogena Shine Control Primer

This was a primer I didn’t really like originally but I had grown to love it. What might put you off, is its grainy texture. It kind of feels like an exfoliator which at first I hated. But the texture really grew on me and it actually polishes your skin to create a smooth and flawless base. You may love, you may hate it. But just give it a chance! It’s great for you oily skin gals since it helps to control shine and doesn’t agitate the skin.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer

No exaggeration…this is cover perfection! I bought this in the shade 1.5 which is just a LITTLE dark for me, but it’s an awesome concealer. It covers any flaw perfectly without looking cakey or thick. But the coverage is amazing, I don’t have to use much to cover imperfection. It’s also really light weight. I know some concealers can feel rather heavy and difficult to blend. But this one is quite smooth and blends out really well. I’ve actually used this on my whole face and it makes my skin look on point!

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm

I bought my first Lanolips lip balm maybe a month or 2 ago, and since then I have continued to repurchase multiple lip balms to keep everywhere because this is now my favourite lip balm! It’s a very very thick lip balm and during this past winter, Lanolips was a savior! It’s just so thick and rich, it’ll save anyone’s chapped lips! They come in a bunch of different scents, I’ve tried Peach, Apple and Strawberry and they all smell so good! It’s not over-bearing though, so once it’s on your lips, the scent will fade. During the day, I apply a light layer and it sits really well under lipstick. If you love liquid lipstick but hate the drying feel, you can also apply a little but of this on top to relieve some of that dryness! I love this stuff so much, I really wanna try their hand creams next!

And that’s everything! Hope you guys liked this empties post and hopefully you came across a product you wanna try! Let me know in the comments what products you’ve just finished using, I’d love to read about it! I’ll see you all next week~!

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13 thoughts on “Empties #7 Ft. The Ordinary, Lanolips & The Saem

  1. I finished a bottle of The Ordinary Buffet a month or so ago! Not my favourite from the bunch – but I think it is quite similar to the other serums the brand has to offer in terms of hydration and brightening!

    I’ve looked at that concealer by The Saem before! (Think it might still be in my YesStyle cart but I haven’t checked out yet.) Probably won’t get it till end of the year now but good to hear that you love it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s true, but I think The Buffet is a good product to try first if you don’t know which other serums to try, it’s a nice all-round serum!

      I love the concealer, but I wish it came in more shades. The lightest shade is too light while the middle shade is a tad too dark 😦


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