Lê Winter Edit Ft. The Ordinary, Mecca Max & Estée Lauder

Good evening beauty fam!! I’ve been spending this past week just getting back into my daily routine. Since coming back from Seattle I’ve been planning a lot of future posts for the blog so stay tuned for those! But for this week’s post, I have another one of my seasonal edits. Winter has just ended in Australia and I have a few products that I have really enjoyed using this winter so let’s get right into it.


Bio-Oil: I received this from a PR company a few months ago and I was really excited to give it a real go because I know how much my mum loves this stuff. Over last few months I used Bio-Oil every night before bed. I used this as the last step of my skincare routine. It’s an oil so it takes longer to absorb into the skin unlike your typical serum and moisturiser. By morning my skin definitely feels more supple and smoother. It didn’t feel uncomfortable to wear over night and it didn’t irritate my skin. It does have a slight fragrance to it but it wears off once it’s on the face. The real test was to see if it would fade my acne scars. Bio-oil is well known for it’s scar fading properties, particularly with stretch marks. Unfortunately I haven’t noticed a difference in the appearance of my acne scars. I would definitely recommend this if you have dry skin and you need a really hydrating night time moisturiser. But it doesn’t really help with the pigmentation of acne scars.

The Ordinary, Buffet: The Ordinary’s hype is no joke. Almost everyone and their mother is dying to try the affordable range of simple and effective skincare products. There’s no gimmicks or frills. The products are purely the ingredients you see on the box, you so know you’re not paying an extravagant price tag just because of the brand name or marketing or packaging. And you can trust that you’re not applying any dangerous or bad chemicals to your face like fragrances or colouring. I was going through Priceline one time and found that they were now selling The Ordinary and decided to pick up “Buffet”. This is more of your traditional serum that will help target a little bit of everything. It’s got a combination of ingredients that together become an all around, reasonable priced, anti-aging serum. I’ve actually finished my first bottle and on to the second. And I can say I did see a noticeable difference. My skin felt a lot more softer and smoother and my skin looked glowing. I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a really good anti-aging serum. I’ve just bought a few more products from The Ordinary so I’ll keep you guys updated on that.

Lanolips 101 Ointment Multi-Balm, Peach: I think I can declare this as my favourite lip balm of all time! I’ve gone through countless of lip balms before but the Lanolips has me hooked. It’s thicker than your regular lip balm but it’s perfect since it was winter and my lips were a lot more chapped than usual. I have the one in peach so it smells really really good! It does linger for a little bit but it’s not distracting. But this stuff is amazing. It keeps my lips hydrated ALL DAY and my lips feel super soft and plush! I’m already one my second tube and have a strawberry one stocked up. If you seriously chapped lips, give Lanolips a go, you won’t regret it!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, Ecru: I have tried so many foundations over the last few years and I can honestly say that the Estee Lauder Double Wear always wins in my book. It’s my go-to foundation especially when I need something that will hold up for a full day of working and going out. It photographs incredibly well and makes my skin flawless. Some people have said that it feels very heavy but I don’t find this to be an issue. I personally find it to be light-weight and I forget I’m even wearing it. And coverage is amazing! As someone who has a lot of acne scarring going on around the cheek area, this foundation is incredible at covering everything up. I will admit, it can look A TAD cakey. Emphasis on the “TAD” because if you use a sponge and blend it out well enough, then it’s going to look like skin. With a brush it might look a bit heavy and cakey so that might be something consider. Definitely try this foundation if you haven’t already. I know they’ve just released a “Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup” formula which is meant to feel a lot lighter so you might consider giving that a go if you’re worried about the heaviness of the original double wear.

Mecca Max Triple Threat Face Shape Powder: This has been my favourite face powder so far THIS YEAR! I know it’s crazy to think it’s even beaten my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Instant Face In A Palette. When you first look at the colour scheme, it doesn’t seem like any new. There’s been heaps of these cheek kits over the last couple years but I didn’t think to try any of them until I came across this one. Right out the box, the packaging is beautiful. It’s a combination of red, pink and gold and it goes really well together. You get a generously sized mirror, which we can all appreciate (especially when travelling). And then you inside there’s a bronzer shade, highlighter shade and blush shade. All them have a slight, golden iridescence which I think is why I love this palette so much. The golden iridescence just gives the face this glow that’s really pretty but it’s really natural looking and looks great in photos. The powders themselves are super soft and buttery and very pigmented! And for only $30, you’re most definitely getting your moneys worth!

Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows: This past year, I think my eyeshadow game has improved quite a bit which has caused me to buy more eyeshadows that I don’t need. This includes the Colourpop Pressed Shadows that were released earlier this year. I’ve already given a full blown review of the eyeshadows so have a read if you haven’t already.  But long story short, they are some of the best eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. The matte shades are super buttery and not chalky at all. And the metallic shades are just out of this world. And for the price, it’s hard to turn away. They’ve released a few palettes already so if you can, try to get your hands on them!

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink: I’ve almost mentioned this product a gazillion times but this has been my go to lip colour this past season. It’s the colour I reach for when I want something that’s fairly natural but still has that hint of peachiness to brighten up my complexion. The formula is really smooth, long wearing and very pigmented. Defintely my favourite colour from the range!

And that’s about everything! These are really great products and I really hope you guys will check them out and try them for yourself! Let me know what you’ve been loving over the past few months in the comments and I’ll check them out too! Stayed tuned for next weeks blog post on Fenty Beauty!! I’ll see you all then! xx



7 thoughts on “Lê Winter Edit Ft. The Ordinary, Mecca Max & Estée Lauder

  1. The Clarins Lotus oil is pretty good at fading acne scars. You can give that a try 😉 Every pregnant women in South Africa swear by Bio Oil. It is kind of like a traditional product for us. I have never used it on my face though.

    Until Estee Lauder double wear comes with a FREE pump, I refuse to buy it 😛

    I still haven’t bought any colourpop eye products. Buying straight off online without swatching first is totally weird for me. Raving reviews all around and affordable price. Still, I am uncertain to take the plunge. *LOL*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooh I’ll look into the Clarins Oil, thank you!!
      HAHAHA I know, everyone is dying for it to come with a pump!
      Do you have a Sephora where you are? Because in a few months they’ll be stocking Colourpop so you’ll be able to swatch them in person!!

      Liked by 1 person

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