First Impressions of Australia’s big hit: Mecca Max

About a month or so ago, Mecca’s highly anticipated cosmetic lined launch in Australian stores and internationallly online. There’s been a lot of buzz and press on the massive range of affordable products, it’s been difficult to ignore. Since the released I purchase a few items to see what all the fuss is about.

Mecca Max Tripple Threat Face Shaper Power: This was the first product to catch my attention. I’ve seen a lot of these cheek kits around but for whatever reason, these just really stood out. I think it’s that gold/pink – packaging. Because Sleek have really similar face kits like this one, only the packaging is kinda dull and boring. This is the first stand alone blush/bronzer/highlight kit that I’ve owned and I’m quite in love! Each of the colours have a beautiful and glowy iridescence that loves your skin looking super healthy like you’re glowing from within. I wouldn’t consider these to be the most pigmented powdered ever but you do achieve a lighter application. You would need to go back into the palette a few times if you’re looking for that super strong cheek look, which I don’t think this is meant for. For the price point I think it’s definitely worth getting. I didn’t think I would like an iridescent bronzer but it compliments the whole palette really well. Highly recommend!!

(L-R): Triple Threat Face Shaper (bronzer, highlighter, blush) and Skin Halo Diamond Dust in Rose Gold.

Mecca Max Skin Halo Diamond Dust: I got this as a freebie for spending over $50 AUD in Mecca Max products. This is a deluxe staple of their Skin Halo Diamond Dust, quite a magnificent highlighter. The shade I got is in Rose Gold which is a tad took dark to use as a cheekbone highlighter. But I think it looks really pretty if I sweep it over the apples of my cheeks and blend it into my bronzer for that sunkissed glow. This highlighter has chunkier glitters in them. For example I find The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer is a fine;y killed and concentrated. While the Skin Halo Diamond Dust is more like Becca’s Moonstone highlighters where the glitters are a bit more chunky and disperses across the skin a bit more.

Mecca Max Pout Pop in Bad Blood: I didn’t expect to love this lipstick as much as I have but I’ve been reaching for this a lot. First off the packaging…it’s a addictive. To open it you need to click the end of the lipstick to pop out the end and pull out the lippie. Because of this I’ve become that annoying person that clicks their pen incessantly…only the pen is the lipstick which is so much better LOL. I have the shade Bad Blood which is in the “Sheer” finish. I’m not sure if I agree with that since it’s actually very pigmented and so far from being sheer. You can sheer it out by blotting and blending out with a finger but it’s definitely not giving you that tinted lip balm effect if that’s what you’re after. The lipstick itself is so nice. It’s super pigmented but it’s very hydrating. You get a fairly glossy finish so it’s not going to dry out your lips. But the glossy effect wears off after a while which I don’t mind. You need to reapply after eating and drinking so this isn’t a long wearing lippie but it’s really nice for everyday.

(L-R): Pout Pop Lipstick in Bad Blood, A-Lister Liquid Lipstick in Skinny Latte

Mecca Max A-Lipster Liquid Lipstick: This product I’ve reached for the least. I don’t really get on with most liquid lipsticks and unfortunately it was the same case for this one. I really like the colour, it’s a nice and muted nude. But I’m not a fan for the formula itself. It applies well and isn’t streaky. But when it does dry down, it’s very sticky. I can’t purse my lips together, my lips just end up sticking and I have to kind of peel them apart…not a pleasant feeling. But then again, it might just be me. I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks to begin with but give it a go if you’re on the look out for new liquid lippies. I do like the packaging though. It’s a sleek and simple black tube with the brand name is gold, simple yet elegant and timeless.

And that’s just about everything! There’s heaps more I want to try from the range but so far these will keep me occupied for a while. Let me know if you’ve tied anything from the range and which ones you really like. And sorry I haven’t updated in a few weeks. I was away on holiday to visit some cousins and my nephews but now I’m back and ready to keep blogging! Hope you guys found this post helpful and I’ll see you all next week!

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