REVIEW: Colourpop Pressed Shadows

Good evening beauty fam~! Hope you guys have had a wonderful week so far! Not sure if you guys noticed but lately I’ve dedicated quite a couple of instagram posts to Colourpop’s Pressed Shadows. Let’s be honest, Colourpop have been killin’ it with their new releases of pressed shadows, pressed highlighters, concealers and ant now brushes! It’s no doubt they’re my favourite brand out there right now. So here is my insight on the pressed shadows and why they’ve become my favourite eyeshadows to use.

The Packaging: So I actually bought three of their quads: Heavy Hitter, Hi-Maintenance and Gemini by Night. I decided to buy palettes mainly because the number of single shadows was just so overwhelming, I didn’t know which to pick. And at the time I didn’t have an empty palette to put the singles in. So I bought three different palettes to take the guess work out of choosing. The first you’ll notice is that the shadows are housed in a very boxy palette. It’s not the most convenient to carry around, it’s got a little bit of weight to it. It doesn’t have a mirror either so that makes it a bit harder to use them on the go. But what I do like is how ergonomic is it. They’ve made these little open ridges in the corners of where the shadow is placed so you can easily slide in a toothpick or something to pop the shadows out and place them in your own empty palettes. There’s a magnet underneath that’s holding the shadows in place but it makes it really really easy to depot the shadows. And I think Colourpop did this on purpose so people can create their own customisable palettes to their preference. Colourpop now have empty palettes that they sell separately. And those are a lot more slimmer and compact than the quads. My only issue is that they’re stark white. Like why?! Any other colour but white would be been better! They come in two different sizes and make it much easier to bring it around for travel. Still doesn’t have a mirror though…

Top Row: Hi-Maintenance 2nd Row: Gemini By Night 3rd Row: Heavy Hitter

The Product: Colourpop are known for their “Super Shock” formula. It’s not quite a powder but it’s not quite a cream. But it has this really soft and plushie texture that sets like a powder. It also wears incredibly well, it’s the kind of product where you don’t even really need an eyeshadow primer because they last so well. I think the main issue of this formula for a lot of people is that brushes don’t pick up the product very well because of it’s plushie-ness. You need to use your fingers and that can put a lot of people off. But know with the new pressed powder formula, it’s a lot more easier to use. It’s got the qualities of your traditional good eyeshadow: it’s pigmented, buttery, blends really easily, doesn’t crease and lasts all day long. I especially really like the metallic eyeshadows, they have the most beautiful iridescence and reflective quality that you don’t find in a lot of drugstore priced eyeshadows. I do find that maybe some matte shades might feel a bit chalkier than others, while the shimmer shades tend to be a little more buttery and soft to the touch. They have a pretty decent colour selection which I have no doubt will continue to expand in the future.

Heavy Hitter (L-R): Full Zip, Ringer, Side Tracked & Top Notch


Hi-Maintenance (L-R): Just In Time, High Strung, Get Out & Cute Alert.


Gemini By Night (L-R): Golden Gate Bridge, The Hidden Hills, Manhattan Coffee Run, The Moscow Sunrise.

The Wear: If you have super super SUPER oily lids then you may need an eyeshadow primer. Or you could even use one of the Super Shock shadows as a base. But otherwise, an eyeshadow primer isn’t necessary! I feel that these are so pigmented enough that they have amazing colour payoff without without a primer. Throughout the day these hold up like no tomorrow. It doesn’t smudge or fade, and looks as vibrant as it did when you first applied it. I’ve been using the Colourpop Blending Brush to apply them and they work really well together. Even though the shadows are super pigmented, you can still control how much product you want, just gotta find the right brush! Especially for the price point, these are amazing! Each palette comes with four shades and cost about $20USD (sometimes they’re on sale too!) and the single shadows are $5USD so they’re really affordable! They’ve also started coming out with bigger palettes so I can’t wait to see what other palettes they release in the future.


If you’re on the hunt for some really affordable eyeshadows that perform like high-end products then these babies are for you! And if you weren’t a fan of the Super Shock formula give these a go, they’re much more easier to work with I promise! I hope you guys found this review helpful and hopefully you’ll try the shadows for yourself! Let me know in the comments what your favourite Colourpop products are and I’ll be sure to check it out! I’ll see you lovelies next week~!

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21 thoughts on “REVIEW: Colourpop Pressed Shadows

  1. Oh my God when you put all three together it looks like one versatile palette! Genius idea! The thing is we can’t get Colourpop in Indonesia and the price of Colourpop here is almost on par to Tarte or TheBalm.. but I might try to get my hands on Gemini by Night xxx

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    1. I know, they’ve made it so easy so you can out everything in one palette! Shame it’s quite expensive in Indonesia. I would still reccomend to try their eyeshadows if you can. I would say they’re better than some high end eyeshadows I’ve tried. And unfortunately Gemini by Night isn’t available anymore, it’s was limited edition!! But still check out their other palettes! ^^

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