REVIEW: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Concealer & Powder

Good evening beauty fam~! It’s been a while since my last post, I know. But I was down with a really bad flu the last couple of weeks so I wasn’t able to work on my blog. But now I’m tons better and ready to jump back into blogging! This week is a review on the recently re-packaged Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer. I also got the powder to review for your guys as well. This is probably one of the most coveted drugstore products worldwide so here is my take on the Healthy Mix Range.

The Packaging: So I actually have the old and new packaging just to compare and contrast. The old formula is in the round bottle while the new one is in the rectangular bottle. Other than the shape the bottles are still pretty much the same: they both have a pump and they are both glass bottles. I actually really miss the older bottle which was plastic and actually pushed the product up the top to ensure you didn’t waste any product. The concealer has changed too! It use to be in a squeeze-tube with that slanted…lip gloss-looking tip on the end. But now it has a doe-foot wand which is fine but again, I think the old packaging was better. It was more convenient, wouldn’t break if you dropped it and you’d be getting more product out of the packaging too. And the powder is the same, it comes in a very slim compact but it doesn’t have room for an applicator so that might be another con.

(L-R): Original formula, concealer, new formula all in shades 52.

The Product: I have the foundations in 52 Vanilla and even though they are suppose to be the same shade, they look different when I swatch them. The original formula appears to swatch a little darker while the new formula swatches a bit later. But after blending, they look pretty much identical. I blended the original foundation on the right side of my face and the new formula on my left and honestly I can’t really tell any difference between the two. And honestly the texture is pretty similar. It’s got that same fruity scent that’s really light and doesn’t linger. The texture isn’t too thick but it’s not totally runny. It’s lotion-like texture makes it really easy for you to blend within a matter of seconds. And if you’re using a sponge you get a really like natural looking finish. The concealer also has that really light weight and thin consistency, kind of like the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. And the doe-foot applicator it makes it really easy for you to place the concealer in the places where you need it. As for the powder it feels pretty soft and buttery and it’s quite pigmented.

Bare face, no makeup.
Foundation, concealer and powder applied.
As you can see, the face is just a tad darker than my neck. Shade 51 might be a bit more suitable.

The Wear: So unfortunately, 52 Vanilla is actually a tad too dark for me…like 1 shade darker. I can kind of get away with it but I really need to bring it down to my neck. I also noticed the shades are quite yellow toned so if you’re pink or neutral based then the Bourjois range might not be for you. On it’s own the foundation has quite a dewy finish, which is perfect for dry skin. But it does crease so probably best to set with a powder. 52 is the lighter shade for the powder which again is too dark so if you’re lighter than an NC25, you need to look for a different powder to set with to avoid looking too dark. After concealing and powdering, my face was pretty immaculate. The skin looks flawless and airbrushed but up close you can still see some of my acne scars underneath. So even though it looks flawless, it still has some natural elements since you can still see my skin through the foundation. Through the day my oiliness comes through a little and makes everything look really natural. It does transfer though, which is a huge con for me. Because when your hugging someone you might accidentally get someone of it on their shirt. Also the shade range is quite limited as there aren’t any appropriate shades for people who are fair skinned or deep toned.

And that is it on my review for the Bourjois Healthy Mix range. If you can find you’re shade and if you don’t have super oily skin then I definitely recommend these products. They’re really nice for everyday wear when you want your skin to look put together without over doing it (or breaking the bank)!! I hope guys found this review helpful! I think I’ll pick up shade 51 to try and hopefully it’s a better match for me. Let me know your thoughts on the range, if you’ve tried it and like it or not. Leave your comments below and I’ll see you all next week~!

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11 thoughts on “REVIEW: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Concealer & Powder

  1. Love the range too! I wear the concealer and foundation most days but I found the concealer to run a bit darker (I think I have 52 also) than the foundation, but nothing a lighter, almost no coverage concealor won’t fix!

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  2. I have combo/oily skin but I ADORE the foundation. So far, I’d say it’s the foundation I’ve used the most in my small collection. I always go back to it so I’m glad to know that the formula hasn’t changed!! Some foundations can give a lot of texture unless you blend blend blend but this is so easy to work with IMO. 🙂

    I bought the powder a few months ago but still haven’t used properly – only swatched. Feels really soft and finely milled! (I got it because someone said it was very similar to a Chanel powder I think.)

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    1. Defintely!! It looks so natural on the skin, you don’t have to try to hard to make it look natural ^^
      And yes! I’ve heard a lot of Bourjois products are similar to Chanel (I think Chanel owns Bourjois? Not too sure!)


    1. Funnily enough I can’t seem to find a good shade in the Maybelline Fit me! The shade is either too dark or too pink toned. Might have better luck when I travel to the states ^^


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