REVIEW: Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation in Aspen

Good evening everyone~! I recently wanted to try a powder foundation to set my makeup…especially on days when I want to go for a lighter coverage. So I went out to Mecca and found the new Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation and thought I would give it go! I’ve used their Original loose powder foundation before which I hated but I was hoping a pressed powder would work better for me. Let’s get into this review!

The Packaging: I really really like the packing. It comes in a really sleek, editorial looking black compact which is perfect to take on the go! It’s a little different, the top of the compact is…concaved? Think of like the MAC compacts but rather the top curving over, it’s curved downward…did that make any sense? I don’t know but it was a different look which I really like! It’s also really minimalistic. It’s not trying too hard to catch your attention…t’s just plain and simple powder, no frills. It’s got a nice magnetic clasp to keep it closed which is nice classy touch for a higher end product, it levels it up form being a cheap feeling product. When you open it up you get a good ol’ mirror, the powder and underneath you got a place to keep the sponge for on the go touch ups. It also comes with 10 grams of product, so you’re getting a pretty good amount for the money you pay for. So fairly standard packaging, I just really like how sleek it looks.

The Product:  To the touch the powder feels pretty normal…not overly creamy or chalky and doesn’t have a crazy amount of fall out. It feels quite soft but not too soft? It’s a bit hard to describe but I guess it’s a good in-between of what you would consider to be a super chalky powder and a really loose powder. Because when you swirl your brush in the powder you can easily pick up a good amount of product but there isn’t any fall out. It also applied to the skin really well, it’s not too cakey or thick feeling. It’s really light which allows you to build up to more coverage if you need it. When you build it up it can feel a bit dry so if you have normal to dry skin I’d recommend you use a heavier moisturiser underneath you keep your skin hydrated. But if you have oily skin like me then you’ll actually really like this. After applying my skin felt really soft. It doesn’t have as much transfer as their original mineral powder foundation. And with a good primer underneath it sits well on the skin, doesn’t settle into your fine line.

The Wear: I would wear this powder foundation over my concealer/foundation and wore it throughout the day. I did use a primer underneath and it lasted me all day long. From the moment I applied it to the moment I took it off, my skin looked really good. The powder looked really really natural and even though I got a little bit oily by the end of the day, my skin still looked rather glowy and radiant. My only issue with this is the colour. At the time I bought it I was matched with the shade Aspen and at the time the sales lady said that this was a lightest shade, even on the website this was the lightest shade. But I noticed it was about a shade to half a shade darker than what I would normally go for. But she told me this was the lightest shade. But I looked on their website as I’m writing this review and noticed they now stock two lighter shades!! So I am a bit upset that the lady who matched me turned out to match me with a very wrong shade. If you compare to my Australis Powder Foundation, Bare Minerals looks like a bronzer next to it. Will definitely have to go back to Mecca and get another shade.

Other than the shade, this powder foundation is actually so nice! I really like how it looks on my skin and how it lasted throughout the day. In comparison to the Australis powder, it’s a lot more fine and it’s not as cakey. If you try to build up with the Australis powder it looks really cakey and thick. It does have a bit more coverage than Bare Minerals but I like the look of Bare Minerals better. Australis also settles into your fine lines and transfers as lot more than Bare Minerals.

My daily ride or dies

And that’s pretty much it! I do really like this powder foundation but I am going to have to get a shade that matches me better. I hope you guys found this review helpful and hopefully you guys will try it out yourself! Let me know what other products you guys would like me to review, I am planning on another trip to Seattle so I will be buying so much make-up!!! Thanks for reading, I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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11 thoughts on “REVIEW: Bare Minerals Bare Pro Powder Foundation in Aspen

  1. Great post! I use the Bare Minerals mineral concealer and I love it! It does such a good job covering blemishes and redness. If I don’t wear the Tarte Shape Tape, I definitely use the BM one! I will have to give this powder a try!

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  2. Too bad that the shade was wrong. The fomula worked out well for you.

    I hate it when people mismatched my shade. Now a days, I never let any salesman matches me. I do it myself and I never buy on the day either. I try it on for several hours at least.

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    1. I definitely get samples of foundations before buying!! Powder is a bit harder to try. Just coz in some lights it looks good but then after seeing it in different lighting I figured it was way too dark ><

      Luckily I was able to get store credit!! Will be repurchasing the right shade once they stock those lighter shades ^^

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