Products Not Worth the Hype #2

Good evening beauty fam! I was going through my make-up collection and I found a few things I hadn’t used in a while and wanted share why. I’ve got some skincare, make-up and hair care in here so maybe you’ll come across a product that I might just save you from!

Nivea Post Shave Balm: Remember when this was all the range because Nikkie Tutorials used it as a primer, and she was saying how amazing it is?! Well…it’s alright, it’s not amazing enough for me to keep reaching for it. I never finished using it. In fact I don’t think I even got half way through the bottle. It’s a nice thin lotion which felt nice to apply, didn’t leave me feeling sticky either. It does have a slight man fragrance to it but it didn’t bother me, I actually kind of liked it! But I don’t think it held my make-up all that well throughout the day. Unless my foundation was a long-wearing, matte foundation, this would barely get my through 3-4 hours without feeling oily and sticky. I never broke out from it but I heard from others that it caused irritation for their skin and that it clogged their pores. So sadly this isn’t really for me. But I know there are still people who use this religiously so if it works for you then no need to stop using it, do what works for you!

Innisfree Mineral Make-Up Base SPF 30PA++: A while back I decided to buy a lavender based product in the hopes it would brighten my face and cancel yellow tones in my skin. I decided to try this Innisfree one, no particular reason why, I just came across it when I was stocking up on some k-beauty goods. The texture is a tad thick and goopey but it glides on to the skin really really well. But I had two main issues with this: first it was “lavender” enough to perform any kind of major colour correction in my skin. Second, it did not sit well on my oily skin. Despite this being a make-up base product, I don’t think this provided me with a smooth enough base to apply my foundation and the rest of my make-up on top. It’s very moisturising but it left me sticky residue so, probably won’t buy this again…probably won’t even finish it.

Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quad: I’ve reviewed Pony’s product’s before and I still really want to try some more products from her line! However in my review I mentioned that I didn’t really like the eyeshadows…unfortunately I still stand by my review. It’s a real shame because the colours actually look really nice and would work really well together as a combination on the eyes. But the quality really takes a hit. It’s not very buttery or very pigmented. You really have to work your brush into the product in order to pick up a decent amount, and even then it’s not enough to get a good colour pay-off. You can try your best to make these work in your favour but it’s not very easy. I wouldn’t really  recommend this to anyone, hopefully Pony will reformulate these because her line is better than this!

CANMAKE Tokyo Powder Cheeks and Shading Powder: I didn’t really have any expectations when I bought products from Canmake during my Tokyo trip last year. I thought this blush was super cute, the packaging, the colour, the size is all very adorable. When you swatch it, the colour looks really pretty, it’s like a natural pink flush. But when I try to dip my brush in there, I can’t seem to pick up any of the product. No matter so much I dig my brush into the blush, I’m not getting the amount of product I want. This might work better with a sponge, but even so it’s almost impossible for me to use this if I can’t get any of it onto my brushes. For now I’m keeping this in my drawer in case I decide to give it another go, but for now I’ll stay true to my trusty Etude House Cookie Blusher.

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom: Another product I bought on my trip to Tokyo last year. I haven’t heard too much about Jill Stuart but the packaging is freaking beautiful! I love that the lipstick comes with the tiniest mirror on the top that you can use to apply your lippie. I got the shade 18 and unfortunately it looks really pale on me. It applies really smooth, almost like a tinted lip balm, but the colour is just so bad. It makes me look really washed out, almost like I look sick. I want try this in another shade and perhaps even try a different formula but I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this any time soon.

CANMAKE Tokyo Jelly Stick Gloss: Yes, another CANMAKE product. I promise I don’t hate them or anything!! I want to do some more research into their products before I try other things so when I bought these last year I didn’t really know what I should have or should have not gotten. Their Jelly Stick Gloss is pretty much like a tinted lipbalm. It kind of gives that “I just ate a Popsicle” kind of look, it really makes your lips look a bit like candy. I wouldn’t say I regret buying this product or that I don’t think it’s any good. I just haven’t been really reaching for it as I would like to. I’m still on the liquid lipstick/matte lip train and have yet to go back to the more moisturising lip products. I might give this one another chance soon but it’s been on the back burner for me.

Pretty Little Painters Make-Up Sponges: I’m not even going to sugar coat this: these are the worst sponges I’ve ever tried. I bought them a while back at the Priceline 40% all cosmetics sale and I bought it because I thought the little paint tin was a cute touch. But that’s as far as it goes. It’s cute the sponges are horrible. I haven’t even used them properly and I think they’re so bad. Why? Because when I tried to dampen them under water, they did not expand and they did not absorb any of the water. They feel really hard and tough and I wasn’t able to blend my make-up with it. I’ve tried the Beauty Blender, Real Techniques and Chi Chi and they’re all way way better than these sponges. Those are much more softer and actually hold some water in to avoid absorbing your foundation. I don’t recommend this at all, worst sponges ever.

Herbal Essences and Bastiste Dry Shampoo: A while back I got some different dry shampoos to try them out and see if I liked them any better than the original Batiste dry shampoo. The Herbal Essences smells quite nice, it’s got that clean and fresh fragrance that you can’t go wrong with. But it didn’t really help with the oiliness in my hair, it kind of just mixed in with it. I think it’s good on second day hair, to get a little bit of texture and grit. But it’s not good if you have super oily hair. I also decided to try the Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo in the hopes to get more volume in the hair. And oh boy, this gives you volume alright. But it’s to the point where it bunches up into your hair and it feels very very thick. And not in a good way. It was difficult to brush out or distribute evenly in my hair. I think there might be a technique to use this because I’m sure there’s a good way to use it to your advantage, I just have to play around with it a bit more and figure out where I might be going wrong. But for now I’m good with the original Batiste Dry Shampoos.

And that’s everything~! I know it’s quite a long post this week but hopefully you found this to be informative and helpful. Let me know in the comments any products you’ve regret getting or just aren’t worth the hype. Stay tuned next week for a Get Ready With Me make-up look and a giveaway! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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23 thoughts on “Products Not Worth the Hype #2

      1. I know what you mean by the deathly sick look. I bought a Lavshuca lipstick before and I thought the color looked great in the package but it was really ghastly on me. Not sure if Japanese lipsticks tend to have that effect.


  1. Gosh, I remember when that Nivea post-shave balm was all the rave! I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t think I’ll bother simply because I have combo/oily skin. I feel like it’d be too thick for my personal liking, especially as a pre-foundation base. Just no!

    That sucks about the Jill Stuart. Haven’t tried anything JS either but that’s sad about it being pale because it definitely doesn’t look pale in the picture!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s actually not that thick! But it doesn’t have any oil control ><

      I know!! I was surprised too because it doesn't look like it would wash me out, it looks like a super nice colour! But hopefully I'll get the chance to try other shades ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a weird question, but have you tried scraping off the top layer of the blush? I’ve had some blushes that would not apply with a brush or a sponge because they had a gross filmy layer on top even when they were new! After scraping the top off gently most of them worked well!

    Thanks for another post like this! I love honest reviews even when they’re negative. Can’t win em all..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean Sierra! I’ll try that for sure!! I guess it’s disappointing when you have to take that extra step to scrape off the product when you should be able to use it well in the first place ><

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it might be better to try the lip products first! It’s hard to go wrong with those. Then look into the complexion products and then eyes. Don’t buy too much from the range, may be just one or two things to get a better idea of what the line is like! ^^

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