Lê Autumn Edit Ft. Colourpop, Tarte & The Balm

Goooood evening beauty friends~! Second blog post this week, woohoo!! I’ve been thinking of maybe starting to do two posts a week? What do we think?? Anyway it is the end of another season which means it’s time for another round up of my favourite products during this past autumn.

Missha The First Treatment Essence: So I’ve featured this product on my blog before but I wanted to do a follow-up because I figured out how to use this to make my skin incredibly soft and supple. I recently found this technique called the seven skin method where you pretty much layer your toner seven times. I don’t mean using those astringent toners that take the moisture out of your skin, I mean using things like essence and mists and watery products that are formulated to hydrate your skin. Now I haven’t gone all the way to layer seven times but I’ve been layering my Missha essence 3-4 times in my day and night time routine and I can honestly say that this has made a huge difference. It’s helped reduce the bumpy texture of my skin and resulted in much smoother and softer skin! I saw a video on this which compelled me to try this technique and it’s really really worked for me. I’m also getting more out of my essence too so definitely try this out if you’re having issues with maintaining soft skin.

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation: I have been experimenting with a few different foundations over this past season and this Maybelline has been one of the three I keep coming back to. I won’t talk too much about it here since I’ve done a full review on this already. It’s my go-to for those good skin days where I don’t want to where too much foundation and I still want my skin to breathe. I’ll definitely be reaching for this during the winter too since it’s more of a dewy and hydrating foundation.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Full Coverage Foundation: Honestly I use to hate this foundation. I worked horribly on my oily skin, it separated and just looked gross after only  few hours of wear. But since going on medication for my acne, my skin has gotten a lot less oilier than it use to be. And because my skin is drier, this foundation works tons better. It lasts all day, it doesn’t separate and it gives me a lovely looking glow while keeping my skin hydrated. It has medium coverage which can be built to full but it might feel a tad cakey. I still use primer and set with a powder for this to last but again it just sits so much better on more normal/dry skin compared to oily skin. I use the shade Fairly Light Neutral and it’s the perfect match for me. It’s got a thicker, mousse-like texture so it’s best to use a sponge with this since a brush might leave streaks. But definitely try it out if you’re looking for a new foundation (it didn’t make me break out either!).

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25-hour Foundation: Okay, third and last foundation I’m going to mention. I feel like this is a good inbetweener of the Maybelline cushion and the Tarte Foundation. It’s more coverage than the cushion but it’s much lighter than the tarte foundation. I really like how light weight it feels on the skin, the tarte feels slightly heavier. It does a really good job of evening out my skin tone. It doesn’t have the greatest coverage, it’s not able to cover up my scars or acne. But it does make me skin look a little more healthy and put together. And it’s definitely better for drier skin/the winter season. It have quite a dewy finish, you’ll definitely need to set with a powder.

I’ve also enjoyed layering the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara with the Essence I Heart Extreme Mascara for that False lash effect.


Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: This has been my go-to palette ever since I got it and it still is. I was going fairly make-up free earlier this year but I’m starting to get back into wearing more make-up now that my skin is getting better. And I have been reaching for this almost every single day! I mix the two light matte colours and use it all over the lid, then mix the two matte browns to define the outer v. It’s not going to give you a dramatic eyeshadow look but it’s enough to give your eyes a little bit of oomph for the daily. If you want a natural eyeshadow for work or school then I highly highly recommend this. I’ve had it for ages and I have yet to hit pan so you’re definitely getting lots of product for what you’re paying.

Colourpop Pressed Shadows: I love Colourpop. In the last month I have made three Colourpop orders…THREE!! I have no self control, I know. But Colourpop has been killin’ it lately, especially with their new release of their pressed shadows. I love the Super Shock Shadows and now I love these too. They are so buttery and smooth. I dare say they are just as good, if not better than my beloved Lorac eyeshadows. AND I LOVE LORAC AND I STILL DO but Colourpop’s pressed shadows are just so pigmented and wear so well!! If you didn’t like the texture of the Super Shock Shadows then you need to give these ones a go and if you love them, you’ll end up getting more palettes and become broke like me.


The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer: My makeup waifu, Ellen, wore this one time and it looks amazing and I was convinced to buy one and try it out. I’m kicking myself that I haven’t tried this sooner!! I like to use a fan brush and it leaves me skin looking suuuuuuper glowy!! If you like that really glowy glow…like instagram makeup glow then you’ll love this! It’s a champagne toned highlighter and it looks really nice on my skin tone. I use it on my cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow and a little bit on the chin and forehead. There’s also no fall out either which is a problem I had with my Lorac highlighter. But I really really love this higlighter, it’s a great way to get some glow in the winter season.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink: This has been my the everyday lip colour that I have been reaching for. I really like all of Colourpop’s Lippie Stix but I particularly love the Shade Brink. It’s a warm-toned, nude shade that’s kinda pink but kinda brown but kinda peach? I’m really really bad at describing names so you’re better off looking up swatches online. But yeah I loveeee this shade, it’s definitely an MLBB for me.

Alright, I think that’s about everything!! I know it’s a really long post but I had a lot of products from this past autumn that I wanted to talk about with you guys. Leave a comment to let me know what products you’ve been loving lately and I’ll see you all next week! xx

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21 thoughts on “Lê Autumn Edit Ft. Colourpop, Tarte & The Balm

  1. I’ve heard some great things about cushion foundations and i really want to try them especially in the summer as i need something lightweight, but i am quite confused between maybelline or l’oreal cushion foundations!
    Oh and the naked basics is one of my go to palettes as well, i absolutely love it!

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  2. Omgosh, love that yellow duck packaging on the Missha product. It makes me so happy just looking at it lol. The essence is definitely on my wishlist…maybe in the winter later in the year since I’m already sorted for all my beauty waters this season!

    Great edit. That’s really something that you have 3 foundations that your skin likes!

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