REVIEW: Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk

Hi beauty friends~! So I apologies for not having a blog post up last week, I was down with a bad cold. But to make up for it I have two blog posts for you this week and today is a review on the Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk. I received this as a birthday present from my good friend Maria! I wouldn’t normally splurge on a high-end cleanser so I was really glad to be gifted this and find out what was special about this cleanser.

The Packaging: For a cleansing milk the packaging is really something, you wouldn’t expect anything less from such a high end brand. It comes in a 200ml plastic bottle, it’s super sturdy so it’s not going to break if you accidentally knock it off the bathroom counter. When you pop of its Christian Dior embossed lid you get a pump on the bottle which I personally really like. It’s hygienic and a lot easier to get your product when your eyes are blinded by the water. I really like how clean and luxurious it looks, it’s quite pretty sitting on the bathroom counter. The only thing I might not really like about the packaging is the lid. If I accidentally knock the bottle off the counter or drop it, the lid just falls right off. So most of the time I don’t have the lid on it, it’s a tad annoying to take it off and put it back on while washing your face. But the pump does have a lock contraption so if you decide to travel with this, it won’t leak!

The Texture: The cleansing milk itself is a white lotion-like product. When you pump out the product you can tell the cleanser is quite soft and gentle as the name suggests!  It does have a slight floral fragrance to it but it’s really faint so it’s not going to be irritating or annoying. It says it can remove make-up but I didn’t find that to be true. It’s not like an oil-cleanser where it breaks down your make-up and turns into an emollient consistency. You need to use the cleanser on wet skin or at least mix it with a little bit of water for it to become that emollient texture. But otherwise I wouldn’t use this on its own to remove make-up.

The Performance: So I’ve used up the entire bottle of this and I think it’s a really really nice cleanser. I’m not too familiar with my skincare ingredients or anything but it felt incredibly gentle on the skin. I used this as the second step in my double cleansing routine and each time it left my skin feeling clean but still hydrated. It’s quite a unique formula with how it really helps to clean out all the dirt and impurities but after all that, my face doesn’t feel like it has been stripped of its moisture. I also had some really bad acne going on while using this and it didn’t irritate the acne at all, but it also didn’t help clear up my acne either. But I think if you have relatively good skin then this is a nice treat. It leaves your skin feeling quite soft and supple so I really like that. And it is definitely great for drier and sensitive skin types.

I start my cleansing routine with the Muji Cleansing Oil to remove my make-up first. Then I go in with the Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk to make sure everything is washed away.

All in all I think this is a good cleanser. I do like it and I think it works nicely on my skin but at the end of the day it’s just a cleanser. It’s no miracle worker and it is quite lavish and expensive. So if you do have the budget for this cleanser then try it out! The 200ml bottle lasted me for about 2 months or so. But if you can’t afford it then don’t stress, I don’t think you’re missing out on much. I think there are other cleansers out there which are just as gentle on the skin as they are on the paycheck. I might consider buying this again if I ever feel like splurging or treating myself but again, it doesn’t particularly wow me. Nothing wrong with it! But come on…it’s just a cleanser.

Anyway that’s all from me I hope you guys found this review helpful! And let me know if you have tried any high-end cleansers, I’d love to look into some more and maybe try some out for you guys. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family, I’ll see you all on Thursday or another blog post!! xx

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10 thoughts on “REVIEW: Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk

  1. This is a really informative, great review. I have used this cleanser before many years ago now. I completely agree with your thoughts. It has really nice packaging with a good texture, but I think it is best for someone that has normal skin, and someone who doesn’t wear much makeup. xx

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    1. Yes it’s so expensive!!! I honestly didn’t find too big of a result after using it but it might be different on you! I’ve read heaps of review where people have said it’s made a huge difference for them 🙂

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