Why you need unicorn brushes in your life RIGHT NOW!

Good evening beauty friends~! I know I just did a review on some brushes BUT HERE’S ANOTHER ONE!! I recently got some SUPER CUTE UNICORN BRUSHES~!!! I’m not really big on brushes, I only have a few that I use on the daily but I’ve started incorporating these unicorn brushes into my routine and I’m going to tell you why you need them in your life.

The Packaging: Simple Glam Girls (SGG) have totally upped their game with their packaging. When you get the package it comes in a big ol’ hot pink box and inside has a bunch of purple streamers (perfect for those instagram flatlays)! I know it’s super girly but honestly of all the packages I get from online orders this has been one of the best, MEMEBOX actually had pink streamers in their package too. But nevertheless SGG has really put a lot more effort into this packaging so I really appreciate that. You open it and it just puts a smile on your face so great job SGG! Anyway the brushes are housed a black cardboard box with SGG’s name printed in gold. Yeah, the box itself is cardboard so it does feel a little cheap so that might be something you notice when you get these. When you open the box you get a little card with a purple unicorn on it and it’s embossed in metallic purple goodness.  And then underneath the card you’ve got the 8 brushes in their plastic wrapping so you can be sure that they’re brand-spanking new. They all retained their shape you don’t have to worry about the bristles being bent or morphed into a different shape, the plastic keeps them in check.

The Handles: These can’t be unicorn brushes if they don’t look like the unicorn horns! The handles are spiral shaped and have this really beautiful pink to purple to blue gradient going on. There’s two sets, I got the darker coloured one which is more saturated in colour while the other is more light and pastel-like. Because the brush handles are shaped as the unicorn horn, it becomes tapered towards the ends so they’re actually thinner than your typical brush. I personally really like this because it adds a little more weight to towards the bristles, giving me a little more control over how I use the brush. The spiral detail also acts as a bit of a grip so the brush isn’t going to slipping and sliding out of your hand. It’s also plastic so they’re really light weight as well. The ferrule, aka that metal part of the brush has SGG’s name stamped on there so it’s a really nice touch to indicate where the brushes are from. They didn’t have these on their oval brushes so it’s another step forward!


The Brushes: So these unicorn brushes come in an 8 piece set. You get two larger brushes which could be used as a powder brush or bronzer/blush brush, an angled brush, foundation brush, 3 smaller brushes for eyes/concealer and then a fan brush for your highlight. Right off the bat they are the softest brushes ever. They’re just so soft and fluffy at the touch and that’s all you can really ask for in a good brush. Personally I think these work better for powder products. The face brushes aren’t as dense as you might like them to be but it’ll result in a lighter application. So I think they’re really great if you like to build up your application slowly and working your way up. So it’s also really good for beginners if you’re trying to use brushes for the first time, it’ll give you more wiggle room to build up your coverage and pigmentation. I’m personally not a huge fan of using brushes for foundation so I haven’t used the foundation brush yet…I’ll keep you posted when I try it! As for the smaller brushes I think they’re really really good for blending out your spot concealer and eyeshadows too. You’ve also got a really good smaller, flatter brush as well for working around the corners if your eyes. And then there’s the fan brush…the brush I didn’t realise I needed until I had it in my life. Using one of these to apply highlighter makes all the difference, it makes my highlight pop like never before! I also washed them recently and they did not have any fall out or shedding going on!!

Generally these are some really really nice brushes! They’re good value for money, they’re super soft, super cute, super instagram worthy while still being the practical make-up brushes you need in your make-up routine! Thanks to Simple Glam Girls, you can 20% off these awesome unicorn brush sets when you use the code “lewendy”. They are cruelty free and they do ship internationally!! Your unicorn brushes are waiting for you so make sure to visit their website to check out the range. And at the moment, you can buy two sets for $100USD so it’s a really good deal if you wanna get a set for yourself and a friend!

I hope you guys found this review helpful and has given you good reason to try out these brushes for yourself! Let me know what you think of these brushes in the comments below and I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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