Colourpop Haul #2 Ft. Pressed Shadows, Blotted Lips & Face Duos

Hello beauty friends~! I don’t know about you guys but Colourpop has been killin’ it lately with some of their newest releases. And with free shipping, it makes it incredibly difficult to say no! So I ended up making two orders from Colourpop (adly, I still want more) and today I’m going to share with you my thoughts all the goodies I bought!

Pressed Powder Shadow Palette: I already really like their Super Shock Shadows, they’re incredibly pigmented and buttery and they can last all day even without a primer. But I get why some people don’t like them. The soft, plushie texture makes it difficult to pick up product with your brush and work much better with fingers or a really dense brush. But now Colourpop have come out with some awesome new pressed shadows that you can buy individually or in a palette. I bought two palettes: High Maintenance and Heavy Hitter. High Maintenance is a burgundy themed palette with three pinky/burgundy shades, complimented with a gold-hued highlight shade. At first I thought these shades would be difficult to work with but I managed to pull off an everyday look! Heavy Hitter is the second palette I got, which is warm toned browns palette. This one is so good if you’re into neutral palettes like me. These pressed shadows are very pigmented and blend very well. I’m particularly impressed with the metallic shadows. They show up on the eye soooo well and give your eyes this layer of luminosity that I don’t have in any other eyeshadows I own. I also really like who easy it is to de-pot them. They don’t come in the most travel friendly packaging but they’ve made it so simple to lift the powders out of the palette so you can transfer them into a z-palette. Really nice touch, Colourpop!

Swatches from Heavy Hitter
Swatches from High Maintenance

Pressed Powder Face Duo:  Like the Shadows, I also really enjoy the Super Shock Cheek highlighters. But I have to admit…the pressed powder versions are way better! I bought the Pressed Powder Face Duo in Double Play. While it’s marketed as a blush and highlight duo, I actually use the shade “Getting Handsy” as a bronzer more so than a blush. Because it’s a warm, brown-toned blush it works really well as a bronzer on my fair complexion. The highlighter, Padded Down, is just so beautiful. It’s definitely one of the best highlighters I own alongside The Balm’s Mary-Loumanizer and Charlotte Tilbury’s highlighter. I used a thin fan brush to apply and a little bit of it packs a massive punch. I would definitely recommend these over the original cream-like formula as these are much easier to work with. However I wish they made these just as easy to de-pot as the eyeshadows. I haven’t tried to de-pot them but you probably have to poke around the palette a little bit to figure out how to de-pot them without damaging the product. Also the palettes themselves are white. Not sure how I feel about this because I do get make-up on my hands when I’m in the middle of my routine, so it might be hard to keep these guys clean.

Everyday make-up look with the High Maintenance palette, also used the face duo
Close up of that highlight and bronze from the Double Play Duo
Look #2 with the Heavy Hitter palette, used the face duo here too

Lippie Stix: These are definitely an all-time favourite of mine. I always end up going back to these lipsticks because they’re so comfortable to wear and they don’t dry out my lips. With these I can rock a matte lip without sacrificing the moisture out of my lips! I got a few new shades which are mainly neutral, pinky/brown toned colours that I love to wear to everyday. I don’t really ever go too crazy with my make-up so these are perfect for me. I was never a fan of the Ultra Satin Lips because they were so drying and I’m too scared to try the Ultra Mattes. But the Lippie Stix are of a comfortable formula that doesn’t dry out your lips but still leave them looking pigmented. They have a really creamy texture that allows them to glide on the lips very easily. And they really do pack a punch of colour! And I don’t know if it’s just me but they have a slight chocolately/sweet scent? Let me know if you guys have experience this too!

Blotted Lip: These lip products are very new to Colourpop’s range. When I ordered them, I expected them to be like a tinted lip balm. A very natural and hydrating lip balm that has enough pigmented to give your lips that lil’ pop of colour. Now that I’ve used them, I can say they’re like a tinted balm only much more pigmented. Not as pigmented as a lipstick but way more pigmented than the typical tinted lip balms I’ve tried. I bought the shades Deja Vu (nude pink) and Lexi (muted red). I’m not sure about I feel about this product yet. They’re pigmented and dry down matte but they’re not very hydrating. I also find the packaging to be kind of cheap, the lid doesn’t always click on properly. Unlike all the other Colourpop products I’ve tried, I haven’t really gone running back to use this. So I’m not sure if it’s a product worth getting. But I think I caters well to younger girls who are just getting into make-up and aren’t ready to use something as pigmented as the Lippie Stix.

Sorry some of the swatches are blurry, I didn’t know!

Eye Shadow Brushes: While I was shopping I decided to get some of colourpop’s eyeshadow brushes!! I didn’t know they had brushes until someone commented on my instagram to let me know. So I got the crease brush and I got a flat shader brush. I didn’t really have any high hopes or expectations of these, I just got them for fun really. And it turns out I have some mixed feelings. First off I loveeeeeeee the crease brush!! So much I ended up getting two more when I made my second order. They’re really really soft and blend out the eyeshadows sooooo well!! I also really like to use it to apply my brow bone and inner corner highlight. Definitely the best crease brush I’ve tried! The flat shader brush on the other hand…it’s probably better for concealer to be honest. I didn’t like how stiff it was and I found it hard to apply with. I can’t seem to find them on the website so they may have been limited edition! But I do hope they will come out with more brushes in the future! Especially because they’re so cute! I love the pink handles and rose gold details. I also really like the length of the brushes, they’re longer than the eye brushes I currently own which I like. I prefer the longer length as it gives me a little more control and it feels nice in the hand.

Anyway, that is everything!! I hope you guys enjoyed my haul and little review of everything I bought. Colourpop is hands down one of…if not the best make-up brand in my opinion. I always go back to them and I always find myself wanting more. I hope you guys found this post helpful and let me know if there’s anything else I should try from Colourpop!

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12 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul #2 Ft. Pressed Shadows, Blotted Lips & Face Duos

  1. great review! the blotted lips remind me of some Korean lip products-they seem to be made to give that “puckered”, “just-bitten” lip or for that gradient effect. xx

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