REVIEW: Oval Brushes from Simple Glam Girls

Good evening beauty friends! I’ve seen these oval brushes floating around the internet for a while now but I never really felt the need to try them. To me they looked kind of awkward to use and store and I just didn’t understand the hype. But recently Simple Glam Girls (SGG) sent me a set of their Rose Gold Oval brushes and I thought this would be the perfect time to try out these kinds of brushes and help you decide if they’re worth the hype!

The Packaging: SGG’s brushes come in a cute and compact purple box with the brushes inside. For some reason I thought I they would come in a box with them laid down in a row next to each other, facing up. So I was expecting a much bigger box to showcase the brushes but I quite like this better. It makes it easier ship since it’s not this overly massive package for just a couple of brushes. And don’t worry, the shape of the brushes aren’t compromised in this box. Since the oval brushes themselves are so dense, you don’t have to worry about your brushes coming in a weird shape. When you open the box, each brush is housed in its own plastic slip so you know the brushes are brand spanking new. The set comes with 10 brushes for every step of your routine. You’ve got some bigger brushes to use all over the face and then some smaller ones so you can focus on certain areas like eyes and cheeks. In other words you’re pretty much set for life with all these brushes so if you’re buying your first set of brushes then this set is one to consider.

The Handles: The Rose Gold set looks stunning, no doubt about it. It’s a very trendy look that’s sleek and fairly simplistic in design. So while it’s not the most eye-catching look, it’s still really nice and gives that luxury vibe that an oval brush should have. The handles themselves are actually plastic which you could argue, devalues the product making it a bit cheap feeling and contradicting the luxe look. But personally I like that the plastic makes it very light to hold. Looking at the brushes I thought they would be quite heavy and bulky but when you hold them, they’re so light-weight which actually makes it better for when you’re using them on your face. The lighter handle gives you more control with the way you blend and how much pressure you want to apply which I really really appreciate. The ends of the handles are rubber as well so they’re not going to fall and slip out of the hand which is also a great plus if you’re someone who can be a little clumsy with their make-up brushes.

The Brush Head: Okay let’s take a look at the actual brush itself. These oval brushes are crazy dense, definitely the most dense brushes I’ve ever used. Every bristle is tightly packed that will give you the control you need for the result you want. And so far, there’s no shedding so you don’t have to worry about the bristles falling out. And since the brushes are so tightly packed, the product isn’t going to be soaked up on the inside so you know you’ll be getting the most out of your make-up products with this kind of brush. The bristles themselves are synthetic nylon so unlike real hair brushes, these are going to dry a lot faster when you wash them.

The Application: There is definitely a bit of a learning curve to these brushes. They are a but awkward to use at first, especially if you don’t use this many brushes to begin with. But you do get the hang of it. When blending out things like foundation and contour, I like to hold the brush between the neck and the head. This gives me more control of how hard I want to blend and it also ensure the brush head isn’t just going to snap off while I blend. For my liquid and cream products, I like to use the brush in a patting/downward stroking motion to blend. I personally find this works best for a flawless and streak-free finish. As for my powder products, I like to use circular motions to buff everything out while using as little product as possible. It’s the same with cream/liquid products. With these brushes you really don’t have to use as much product as these brushes really push your make-up to their limits. In a few quick strokes my foundation looks pretty flawless and I don’t need to go in with a second layer.

I did an entire look with these brushes and I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.  My skin looked great and my cheek products were blended out really well. My main con to these brushes are the smaller eye brushes. They’re really awkward to use and I found that they didn’t apply my eyeshadow evenly. I managed to blend but it turned out to be harder job than it would be if I were to just use my regular eyeshadow brushes.


Anyway those are my thoughts on Simple Glam Girls Oval Brushes! These Oval Brushes come in pink, black and gold variants. There is also a smaller 5 piece set which I highly recommend to get if you just want to try them without splurging for the full set. OR if you’re loving one particular brush then they also have some individual oval brushes available. The best part? Simple Glam Girls have offered my beauty friends a 20% discount on all purchases! Make sure to use the code “lewendy” for 20% your next purchase at SGG, whether it’s for these brushes or anything else!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, let me know if you’ve tried oval brushes before and what you think of them. I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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