HOW TO: Pink Hair Ft. Dare Hair Colour

Good evening beautiful people~! I hope you have all had a lovely week so far. I apologise that this week’s post is up rather late, I’ve been rather busy with work but no worries! This week’s blog post is on my new pink hair!! YES, I DYED MY HAIR PINK!! I never thought I would ever dye my hair pink but it’s something I had been thinking for quite some time and last week I finally got around to doing it! I’m going to show you what materials I used, the whole bleaching and colouring process and my after care products too! Let’s get right into it!

Lightening Your Hair

Get yourself a basic mixing bowl and brush, I got mine from Kmart. The Schwarzkopf toner isn’t the best as a toner on it’s own but makes a great cheap conditioner! Also I didn’t end up using the Ultra Brights dye since I didn’t think it would be as saturated or long lasting as I would want.

Before you try dying your hair any kind of crazy colour, you’re going to have to bleach it. If you already have blonde hair then LUCKY YOU!!! But if you’re like me who practically has black hair, you’re gonna need to bleach it. I first bleached my hair sometime ago in September and this was when I did my initial ombre at the salon, they bleached my hair twice. It was quite expensive but at least after that experience I watched and paid attention so that I could bleach my own hair when the time came. After the first bleach my hair lightened to a brown which obviously isn’t light enough.

Few months are first and second bleach at the salon, the roots are my natural colour. The ends have become a shade of light brown.

I bleached it again in November on my own!! I used the Hi-Lift bleaching powder with 20 vol. creme developer. Bleaching can be rather damaging so I decided to use 20 vol for the least amount of damage to the hair. You can use 30 or 40 vol but those are very strong. Start with 20 and see how you go! After I did that third bleach on my own I used Colour Royale permanent colour dye to tone the brassiness in my hair. I picked these up at Hairhouse Warehouse and the sales assistant was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. So do your research before you dye your hair but also don’t be afraid to ask other people for help! And don’t forget to cover your neck and ears with Vaseline, you don’t want your skin getting irritated!


Third bleach: looks like a much lighter brown…kinda bronde?
After third bleach + toning: starting to look more like a dirty blonde

And then just last week I bleached my hair for the fourth time and at this point my hair has become a bit damaged and brittle so make sure to assess the state of your hair and if it can handle another bleaching session.  I bleached it again using the same Hi-Lift bleach but after this I didn’t tone it. I went straight into the colouring process. I feel like after the fourth bleach my hair lightened up very well, going almost white, which is perfect to get that saturated colour later.

After my fourth bleach: this is definitely a blonde with some strands looking almost white!

Colouring Your Hair


Here comes the fun part~! Now honestly I think there’s no right or wrong in how you decide to mix your colours as long as you’re happy with it! I used the semi-permanent hair dyes from Dare. They have a great range of vibrant colours that you can use on their own or mix and match with. Originally I was aiming for a dirty pink, kind of rose gold shade but that’s a very difficult shade to achieve. I tried to use Dare #10 Sugar Storm and mixed this with their toner/pastel- iser. In the end I got a peachy/pink shade which isn’t a bad colour but I just wasn’t feeling it.

This is what my hair looked like after using #10 Sugar Storm. Again it doesn’t look bad but it’s not as pink as I would have wanted, also the middle parts look kinda peachy.

Then I decided to go all out with a vibrant pink. I picked up Dare #8 Raspberry Sorbet and I mixed it with some of the pastel-iser and some white conditioner to tone down the saturation a bit. Leave it in the hair for 30 mins and rinse. I have to say I’m incredibly happy with the results. I got myself a crazy pink colour that came out very saturated and pigmented. These Dare Hair Colours are pretty true to colour to be careful with what colour you get! In the end with all the materials I used, it probably works out to be a little over $100 but you know what? It’s worth it if you do your research and be careful. Because if you can get the process right, you could save hundreds from going to the salon to get your hair done!

Used #8 Raspberry Sorbet. I love how pink it turned out, it came out very even and very vibrant! If you want it to be less bright, don’t use the pastel-iser and maybe mixed it with a lighter, muted pinked.

Colour-Treated Care

After all that hard work, I have to make sure I’m taking care of my colour and taking care of the health of my hair. So lately I’ve been using the Fudge purple shampoo and conditioner. Yes, it is a bit pricey but the shampoo will last you a while and you don’t really need matching conditioner, you can use any conditioner (but to try to get one that’s for coloured hair). I am still using heat on the pink hair (even though I probably shouldn’t) but I use the Tresemme Heat Protectant to minimise any damage from the heat. And lastly I like to use a good oil treatment to keep my hair from getting any split ends or breakage. I recently picked up this oil from OGX, I haven’t used it yet but I’ll let you know how I go with it!


And that’s about it!! I am really digging my new pink hair and if it’s something you’re wanting to do yourself then go for it! At the end of the day, it’s just hair and you can always dye it back to a natural colour. I hope you guys find my post helpful, I am no expert on hair or anything so please try this at your own discretion. Make sure to do as much research and gain as much advice as you can before doing this yourself. Let me know if you dye your hair and what colours you’ve gone for in the past/currently! I’m thinking of going for a dark purple after this.  Anyway leave any comments or questions below and I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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  1. It looks amazing! I always wanted to dye my hair blue. But never did. I really want to go back to school and having blue hair in a Medical Assistant course would not be a ideal colour. Plus I always have good/bad luck at the fact any colour either semi/permanent always last longer then it should on my hair!

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