REVIEW: Pony Effect Makeup

Happy Thursday everyone~! I hope you have all had a fabulous week~! I was a little stumped on what I wanted to write about this week BUT I figured why not do a brand review? This will be the first of many so hopefully I’ll be able to collate more make-up over time and be able to do more brand reviews for you! This week is focusing on PONY EFFECT. I really really love Pony and all her make-up videos and…look she’s just all round goals. So I was super keen to try some products from her make-up line. I picked up a few things while in Korea and also made a Memebox order when I visited the states…anyway on to the review~!


Left: no foundation, you can see my veins very clearly on my wrist. Right: the tiniest drop of foundation covered up my veins making my wrist look…flawless LOL

PONY EFFECT Cover Stay Foundation in 23 Rosy Beige: I picked this up at a Memebox store in Korea. I don’t think Pony has a specific foundation for oily skin but I this one is supposedly fuller coverage with a long wearing formula so it was the best I could get for my skin type. The texture is quite thin and very runny so be careful when dispensing from the bottle. But considering it’s so thin it really does have some amazing coverage! A little bit of this stuff truly does go a long way so if you’re after a fuller coverage foundation, check this one out! One thing to note is that if you decide to build it up (you probably won’t need to but if you do!) it might feel a tad heavy and cakey so I’d recommend using a blending sponge so it takes away some of that heaviness.I have the shade #23 Rosy Beige and it matches me fairly well. And that’s where the down side is, it’s the second darkest shade so if you’re any darker than a NC20/25 then there won’t be a shade for you.



PONY EFFECT Conceptual Eyes Quads: I was super keen on trying her eyeshadows!! Honestly though I am a little disappointed with the quality of these. They’re not very buttery so it does take a while to build up the colour and pigmentation to something substantial. It’s not necessarily a bad quality since it could be good for those who are new with eyeshadows…it makes it harder for you to mess it up. But for the price you’re paying I don’t think it’s really worth it. But having said that, if you can build it up to the right pigmentation, the colours are actually quite pretty and very wearable. I have these #Be Romantic, which is rosy, burgundy theme quad, and #Innocent which is more a brown-tone neutrals quad. I’ve worn both and they’re honestly like no-brainer shadows. You don’t really have to think about what colours to pick and choose since they go really well together. I don’t think I’ll purchase any more of these but if you’re new to eyeshadow then I’d recommend this to you.

(Lightest – Darkest): #Innocent shades in Naive, Playful, Kindly and Harmless
(Lightest – Darkest): #Be Romantic shades in Love Me, Roses, Moment and Doom

PONY EFFECT Fluid Lip Tints: These are probably my favourite product that I have out of the range so far. I have these in three shades and I love them all~! They’re these really pretty and vibrant lip tints that are really hydrating and feel light-weight on the lips. They’re not exactly long lasting, you would still need to re-apply after eating and drinking but otherwise it’s a very nice product. They come in a bunch of different shades and they smell really sweet but it doesn’t linger so it won’t bother you throughout the day. It has a thin yet creamy texture making it really easy to apply. But because it’s thin you might have to go over with an extra coat for some full impact pigmentation. It’s really comfortable to wear too so yeah! Honestly I have no complaints with these lippies…highly recommend!   <#Sheer Delight, #Simon Pure, #Be Agape>


(L-R): #Simon Pure, #Sheer Delight, #Be Agape & Outfit Lipstick in a shade I don’t know (sorry!)

PONY EFFECT Outfit Velvet Lipstick: This is the last product I have from the Pony’s line. This is the Outfit Velvet Lipstick in…some colour…sorry I don’t know what the name is, it’s written in Korean! Unfortunately I didn’t like the colour I got. It’s a coral-y bright shade which I personally don’t think suits me. But formula wise it’s a very pigmented and very smooth on the lips. It dries down to a semi-matte finish but it’s comfortable on the lips. I might buy another one in a different shade so I can really test out the wear but from what I can tell, there’s nothing particularly special about it. I forgot to add this in my photos but I also have the Pony Effect That Girl lipstick in Nobel Brunch and I absolutely love that one!

And that’s about it~! Hopefully I’ll be able to get more products from her line in the future. Pony is amazing when it comes to beauty but I’m really hoping to see that the quality of her line improves because at the moment I feel like it’s quite mediocre compared to other korean products I’ve tried. Have you tried any Pony Effect products? What products do you like from the line? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to read and reply to you all! I’ll see you guys next week~! xx

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50 thoughts on “REVIEW: Pony Effect Makeup

  1. This is a new brand for me and I must say I am already excited to try it out!! The coverage of the foundation, those beautiful eyeshadow shades and the oh so lovely packaging, it is definitely appealing.. thanks for sharing pretty❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s drugstore priced but probably mid-range in line with The Body Shop and Urban Decay. So not cheap but it’s worth it for some of the products. You can find the prices on Memebox~! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Always curious about pony’s makeup range, but never manage to buy it 🤑 1 thing though, the packaging looks amazing. And have u seen the brush set with magnetic holder? that looks amazing too! anw, great review! looking forward to your next review series 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, she’s put a lot of effort and thought into the packaging! I think it’s a good reflection of Pony and her style. And yes! I’ve seen the brushes but I think I won’t get them just because I already have brushes that I think are pretty good so I won’t buy them unless I really need to.
      And thank you~!! I appreciate your support! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Pony! Her makeup packaging is so pretty. I use the lip tints but don’t think they should be labeled as a tint tbh. They’re more of a gloss to me. They dont have that staining quality Korean tints are known for

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a really long time! And Korean makeup in general since it’s been blowing up in the west. Great post,, I’veer actually seen a review of it before so this was really helpful 😊😊 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Aw it’s quite disappointing to see that her eyeshadow’s don’t give such a good swatch 😦
    As someone who watches Pony’s videos regularly, I can say that one of my favourite elements of her makeup is her eyeshadow so seeing the quality of it is quite disappointing
    Regardless, it’s nice to see that her lip collection is nice and perhaps I will be willing to try them out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know how much control she has over her make-u line and how involved she is with formulating the eyeshadows. But they are definitely “korean style” eyeshadows which tend to be more sheer than what we might be use to from western brands.
      I will definitely recommend to check out the lipsticks which are much more promising!

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