Korea & Japan Make-Up Haul Ft. Jill Stuart, Pony Effect & Canmake Tokyo

Happy Thursday beautiful people~! I am back from my trip to Korea and Japan and I got brought back so much make-up and skincare to talk about with you all! Because I got so much stuff this week is going to be focused on the make-up portion of the haul and then next week’s post is on all the skincare products I got! I’m gonna start with the face products, eyes and wrap it up with lips. Grab yourself a comfy seat with snacks and beverages of your choice and relax as I go through all the goodies I purchased on my trip, let’s go!


Pony Effect Coverstay Foundation SPF30/PA++: This was the only foundation/base product I bought while overseas since I’m pretty happy with my current collection of foundations and concealers but I was curious to try a foundation from Pony since her skin is always looking remarkably flawless. The coverage of this foundation is through the roof, for such a thin and watery consistency I was surprised to find the coverage to be so good! Half a pump of this stuff is enough to achieve medium coverage all over the face! I bought this in the shade 23 Rosy Beige which does have a slight pink-ish undertone but once blended it’s not very noticeable. This is the second darkest shade so it’s not very shade friendly. It does last all day but doesn’t do much in terms of oil control, I’m pretty oily by the 4t or 5th hour of wear so you’re gonna need to blot if you have oily skin otherwise it’s a very nice, mid-range foundation that has some kick-ass coverage.

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher: This is my second cookie blusher. I wasn’t planning on buying one since I already love the one I currently own but I mean the Etude House store was right there and I could not resist. I bought the shade #11 Peach Choux Wafers which is a matte peachy-pink shade so perfect for every day or if you’re going for a strong eye make-up look. It has pretty good pigmentation for a drugstore product and it blends very nicely! I believe all the shades in the line are matte but I maybe be wrong. Nevertheless it’s a very good product that’s dear to my heart and it was one of the first cheek products I ever got! Highly recommend!

(L-R): Pony Effect Coverstay Foundation #23 Rosy Beige, Etude House Cookie Blusher #11, Jill Stuart Layer Cheek #3, Canmake Blusher PK23, Canmake Shader #1

Jill Stuart Layer Cheek Compact: So while I was in Japan there was really one brand I wanted to check out and it was Jill Stuart. I’ve done some travelling and I haven’t come across Jill Stuart anywhere except for Japan so I knew I had to pay a store a visit and grab an item or two. One of the products that really caught my attention was the Layer Cheek Compact which is a multi-colour blush/highlighter that’s really going to make the cheeks pop and look a little extra juicy. The packaging of course is just out of this world, it’s such a pretty little compact that even comes with a retractable blush brush so it’s perfect for the beauty on the go! I haven’t used the blush on my face just yet but it really is a beautiful iridescent shade that’s going to be perfect for the summer.

CANMAKE Tokyo Powder Cheeks and Shading Powder: Another Japanese brand I wanted to look into was CANMAKE. They offer a decent drugstore priced range of products  including BB creams, powder foundations, eye make-up and cheek products. Since I don’t know too much about the brand I thought it would be a safer to try out their cheek products instead of base products. I picked up a blush and a bronzer. The blush is actually kind of similar to the Etude house blush in that it’s a matte shade that isn’t too overly pigmented, making it very easy for you to build up the colour to your desired pigmentation. I bought the shade PW23 another nice everyday pink to give you a nice flush to the complexion. I also bought the Shading Powder in 01. I remember itsjudytime mentioning this bronzer in one of her videos as a favourite of hers so I had to pick it up. It’s a very nice bronzer, it’s a beautiful warm toned bronzer that isn’t too red or orange-y. And they’re both really easy to blend too so definitely pick these up if you’re ever in Japan.



K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner: From what I know about Japanese eyeliners that they know how to do eyeliner. I remember I heard about K-Palette eyeliners a while back and supposedly they’re pretty awesome. Now I haven’t tried them yet but I am super excited to see how they perform. I’m currently using the Maybelline Hyper Sharp eyeliner which I love but it has the tendency to smudge so I’m hoping these are going to last a little better. I got one in black and brown. I also managed to find the Sailor Moon eyeliner! It’s not by K-Palette but it just wanted to sneak it in because it’s so damn cute I had to get it.

Etude House Pink Skull Curl Fix Long Lash Mascara: The sales at Etude House kind of suckered me into getting this since I wasn’t really after a mascara but considering I’ve never tried Etude Houses mascaras this was probably a good time to get one anyway. I believe this is a new release mascara. It’s suppose to help hold the curl of my lashes and make them look longer…? I don’t have a lot of information on this mascara. I asked they girl it’s waterproof, she said yes and that’s enough for me. I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it’s good!


Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk (Chiffon): So I believe Etude House recently reformulated their Dear My Blooming Lips lipsticks and now they have several different finishes including Jelly (sheer), Cream, Matte and Chiffon (satin finish I think?). I bought the shades BE109 and BE110 from the Chiffon collection and I love them. They’re two brown-toned colours that are perfect for the fall/winter. BE109 is more a nude shade, kind of similar to Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer while BE110 is a deeper shade that’s going to really make your lips pop, especially on fairer complexions. The formula is comfortable to wear, not too drying. And the pigmentation is on point so can’t complain there. And the packaging is adorable. Originally I only bought BE110 but it’s so cute I had to buy another shade.

Pony Effect Outfit Velvet Lipstick: I kind of wished I bought more shades since I’m not too sure how I feel about the shade that I did get. I’m not too sure what the name of the shade I got since it’s all written in Korean but it’s the brighter coral shade which I’m not sure if it suits me but I’m gonna wear this summer and go out of lipstick comfort zone. The formula is a matte finish so the pigmentation is definitely a 10/10. There’s nothing too special about this lipstick though if I’m completely honest. The packaging is very trendy looking but I wish I did pick up more shades to experiment with.

Missha Pop-Tastic Jelly Tint: This is definitely one of my favourite lip products that I picked up. The colour is a deeper pinky/red shade that make my lips just look really good. I don’t know what it is but I feel like the colour just really compliments my skin tone. It’s a lip stain so it has a thin, gloss kind of consistency. It might be a little difficult to apply since the product is so pigmented so I definitely recommend using a q-tip or your finger to blend and make sure you don’t have a weird line around the outer edges of your lips. I’ve worn this a few times now and I love it. It does sort of last through eating and drinking but you will need to re-apply to maintain the true colour and pigmentation.

(L-R): Pony Effect Outfit Velvet Lipstick, Etude House BE109, Etude House BE110, Missha Pop-Tastic Jelly Tint.

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom: Along with the blush I also decided to purchase the Lip Blossom in 10 Elegant Peony. First off I love the packaging. As much as I love Etude Houses packaging, Jill Stuarts just wins over all. The product is encased in a truly beautiful and luxe-looking tube. It’s a plastic tube with all these little intricate designs on it and the top of the lipstick has a tiny mirror so you can make sure your application is on point. The lipstick itself is a balm-like formula that’s very hydrating while still providing you with a decent amount of pigmentation. Of course the colour I bought is a natural looking pink that is going to go really well with the blush I got as well.

Nature Republic Creamy Lipstick: I made a quick visit to Nature Republic and I really wanted to get a Creamy Lipstick. The formula is, as you guessed, very creamy and very pigmented. What I like to do is apply the product to the centre of the lips and slowly blend out to slowly build up the pigmentation. This way I avoid over applying and I don’t get a weird shape. I bought this in shade #14 which is another pink/red inbetween that I think is going to be really pretty for this holiday season.

KATE Rouge HD Lipstick: I bought this on a whim on a last minute run to the drug store before going home. I was browsing and came across KATE which is a Japanese brand which I think you can get in Melbourne but it’s difficult to find. I bought the shade PK23 which is another muted kind of brown-toned pink, also really great for the fall season. I’m sure you’re seeing a trend with all the shades I bought and how they’re quite muted and similar but I personally feel that these kind of shades suit me the best. I haven’t fully tried this lipstick yet but I’m excited to see how it wears throughout the day.

CANMAKE Tokyo Jelly Stick Gloss: Also bought this on a whim since I think the packaging is quite cute. This is very similar to the Maybelline Candy Wow Baby Lips as it’s also a moisturising tinted lip-balm formula. I bought this in shade number 2 which is red tint that’s great if you’re not wanting that strong impact lip but just a natural tinge to the lips. It leaves a very glossy finish which is going to be very cute for the summer. It’s the kind of product that you don’t really think about, just kinda slap it on when you’re in a hurry or when you just need a bit of a gloss.

(L-R): CANMAKE Jelly Gloss Stick #2, Jill Stuart Lip Blossom #18, Kate Rouge HD PK23, Nature Republic #14

AND THAT’S IT~! If you stayed and read the entire post then thank you so much! Sorry this post is so long though, I still have a skincare haul for next week as well! Let me know if you’ve tried any Korean or Japanese make-up and if you’ve tried anything I’ve picked up tell me your thoughts on them! I’ll be back next week with a massive skincare haul~! I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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12 thoughts on “Korea & Japan Make-Up Haul Ft. Jill Stuart, Pony Effect & Canmake Tokyo

  1. That sailor moon packaging is everything *_* is it bad that I’d buy it just for the novelty?! lol!

    Awesome haul though, I really really want to try out Pony’s products cos I love her channel and her as a person!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha no! Not at all, I didn’t need to buy it either but it looks so cool I had to!
      Yes definitely try out Pony’s products! Her lip products are quite nice, I really like the lip tints ^^


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