Spring Make-Up Haul Ft. Nude By Nature, BYS & NYX

Hello everyone~! How are we all?! I am feeling so good now that I am finally done with exams and studying for this year! I can finally spend more time on the blog creating and producing better content for you guys. Anyway, last week Priceline was having their 40% cosmetics sale and I also picked up a few bargins from kmart so here is a little spring make-up haul~!


dsc_0751Nude By Nature Touch of Glow Highlighter Stick: Nude By Nature has been doing really well lately with their collection of brushes and contour and highlight collection. I still remember when Nude By Nature first came out years ago and they had those infomercials for their mineral foundation…at least that’s what I remember. ANYWAYYYY So they launched their highlight and contour collection few months ago and I decided to pick up one of their highlighter sticks. All the highlighters I have are all powders which are great to work with but I wanted to try a different formulation.  This highlighter stick has a cream-to-powder consistency but I’m not gonna lie, it is a bit difficult to apply and blend. Because of it’s creamy consistency you do have to use a slightly heavier hand to work up the pigmentation when applying directly from the stick. Doing this could move your foundation underneath so I recommend applying the product on your fingers first and gently patting the product on-to your cheekbones. Other than the consistency, the pigmentation is at a medium which can be built up to full. And it wears very nicely throughout the day. If you’re someone who is wanting to get into highlighters but not have that super pigmented, instagram highlighter look then definitely look into this one!

Nude By Nature Odyssey Complexion Collection: I have to admit, the packaging reeled me in for this one. I love the box and the whole look of the set looks absolutely beautiful.The complexion set comes with a bunch of travel-sized face products such as their mineral foundation, and illuminating primer, mineral blush, and concealer. The products that stood out to me most was the blush, mineral veil, mineral foundation and the kabuki brush. Since it is a travel size it can be difficult to get some of the product out so I took off the sift for easier access. But he careful because you can easily spill it and it can be messy. But otherwise they are very nice products. The foundation is a light to medium comverage that feels totally weightless. And I love how soft the kabuki brush is, it makes it very easy to apply the powder products. I just wished it had a larger handle so it’s easier to hold. But otherwise it’s a great little set to try out some products from the brand. It’ll also be a great gift idea too!

dsc_0756BYS Contour Trio: So BYS is a fairly new brand to me. I haven’t really tired any of their products and I’ve only seen them around in Kmart and the Reject Shop. But lately I’ve seen some of the products floating around the blogosphere and a few items caught my attention. First up is the contour trio! Originally I bought the contour palette from Nude By Nature but it was faulty. So instead I got the BYS one and honestly you get amazing value for under $10. You get a matte bronzer, matte highlighter and a contour shade. The contour shade had amazing pigmentation so make sure to use a light hand to avoid a muddy look. I really love using the matte highlight shade to brighten up the area underneath my eyes and I use it under a shimmery highlight for that extra bit of pop. And the bronzer shade is also really nice. Not too red to orange-y for me so I love it.

BYS Highlighter Trio: I wasn’t going to get this because I already have a few highlighters in my collection but f course I had no self control and that fact that was only $8 did not help either. So this Trio comes with two shimmery highlighters and one matte one. I don’t know if it’s just the one I got but I think the matte highlight in the contour Trio is more buttery in texture than this one. Nevertheless the other two highlighters are amazing. They’re easy to apply, pigmented and blend really well. This does not have enough hype because even though it’s not rpcrazy pigmented it looks beautiful on the skin, giving you a really beautiful and subtle glow that isn’t too over the top. I use a flat kind of powder brush that I bought from Essece ages ago but it works really well with these highlighters. It picks up the product well and leaves me with a nice finish.

BYS Metallics Eyeshadow Palette: So this little gem came up on the makeup addicts Facebook group. Another girl had purchased this and showed the amazing swatches. Naturally I had to buy it myself and find out what the fuss was about. The palette comes with 8 metallic but very neutral and wearable shades. The pigmentation is ridiculous, but one swipe your left with intense and opaque colour. But the great thing is you can easily control how much product you pick up with your brush and slowly build up the pigmentation if you don’t wanna go full throttle on the shades. The shadows seem quite small in terms of quantity but I think this is perfect if you don’t wear eyeshadow often and isn’t wanting a massive palette that won’t get nearly enough use. But they’re really great quality. Honestly my only major critique with these BYS products is that the packaging is rather low quality. And I would imagine that if you drop them, the plastic is going to break. So be careful with them as the seem to be quite fragile. But otherwise these are great products that are super friendly for a student budget!

dsc_0761L’Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer: I have been on the hunt for a good primer. I have yet to find one that exceeds my expectations and amazes me. So when I picked up the Nude By Nature stuff I came across this primer from L’Oreal. I haven’t heard too much about it but when I tested it on my hand in store, my hand felt so soft and supple…I was sold. So I’ve tried on my face a few times now and I’m really liking it! It comes in a tiny pot but a little bit goes a really long way. It’s not that best at oil control but it creates a really smooth canvas for the rest of your make-up, making your foundation looking incredibly flawless. If you’re looking for something that’s sweat and humidity proof then this won’t do the trick but it’s great for just going out for a few hours but still wanna look fabulous.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: I’m not usually one for matte lip products but a few weeks ago I saw these, swatched it and found a shade that I fell in love with. I bought this in the shade Stockholm: a muted, peachy/coral-y nude shade that’s perfect for everyday. I can definitely say the formula is a lot more comfortable to wear than the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips. The pigmentation is on point but the colour isn’t exactly long lasting. After eating and drinking it sorta just comes off, doesn’t leave a stain which is definitely something I look for in lip products. If you’re down for reapplying then it’s a great product, I’m more in love with the colour than I am with the actual formula but I still consider it a must-have for my collection.

Anyway that’s everything~! I hope you guys enjoyed my haul post! Sorry it’s up a little later than usual. Although I’m done with uni for the year I’ve been incredibly busy preparing for my trip to Korea and Japan~! Let me know what new products you’ve been loving lately. If you have any beauty recommendations from Korea/Japan then please let me know! I’ll see you all next week~! xx

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11 thoughts on “Spring Make-Up Haul Ft. Nude By Nature, BYS & NYX

    1. They have auch a great and extensive range now! And I know what you mean, I was suppose to be on a spending ban as well! Nude by Nature isn’t exactly the cheapest either compared to other drugstore brands.


  1. I shopped a lot last week, and after reading this post, I want to shop more! T_T

    Never heard of Nude by Nature before so will check them out in the future. I am so jealous that you’re going to Korea and Japan!! Have fun hauling!!

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