REVIEW: Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pomade

Good evening everyone~! How are you all?! I just finished up the last week of my semester, which means there’s only a few more weeks until exams! As I panic and procrastinate, I have prepared for you a review on the Chi Chi Brow Pomade! For years I’ve used The Face Shop’s Design My Eyebrow pencil and it’s still a favourite of mine, I think it’s a great beginners product that never lets me down. But just the other week I just finished up my pencil so I decided to venture out and try a pomade. I guess you could describe it as the “gel-liner” version for eyebrows. Anyway this is the first time I used anything like this for my brows so let’s get into the review!



The Packaging: The pomade comes in a small, lip-balm-like/ gel-liner-like glass jar that’s very small and compact. The glass is clear so you can clearly see the product from the bottom on the jar, making it a lot easier to pick and choose a colour if you can’t swatch them. You get a very generous amount of product, 2 grams to be exact. Maybelline’s Gel Liner’s come with 3 grams of product and the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade comes with 4 grams of product so those comparisons should paint a good picture of how much product you’ll get. Considering you don’t need very much to fill in both brows, I can say with confidence that this little pot will last you a while!

Here I have my Model’s Prefer Eyebrow Brush, Australis Eyebrow Gel and on the bottom is The Face Shop’s Design My Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown.

The Product: To apply the pomade I use an angled eyebrow brush from Model’s Prefer which I bought a while ago. Personally I don’t like the spoolie, it’s quite scratchy but the brush is great. Anyway I take the brush and just barely touch the surface of the pomade. Even the slightest contact will give you just the right amount of product for application. When you apply the product be very careful and use a very light hand to slowly build up the shape and pigmentation. It is very creamy and pigmented so a lot is definitely going to go a very long way. The box suggests to wipe any excess product into the lid as opposed to applying straight to your brows to avoid over-application. I personally didn’t do this because I live life on the edge but it’s definitely something you should try if you’re a bit worried of using too much product. But other than that it is very creamy, making it very easy to work with and it also blends out very easily with a spoolie if you accidentally go in with too much.

Top swatch the The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow in Dark Brown, Bottom is a swatch of the Chi Chi Brow Pomade in Dark Brown

The Wear: The product claims to be “waterproof” and “smudge-free”. Um, no it’s neither of those things. It’s definitely prone to smudging, if you accidentally rub your eyebrows during the day then you can expect the product to move around. And unfortunately, it’s definitely not waterproof. Since it’s prone to smudging it definitely won’t hold against water. But despite these things, it’s still a fairly good product! As long you don’t rub or touch your eyebrows then this will stay on all day! I can say in comparison to my beloved The Face Shop eyebrow pencil, the colour can sometimes fade by the end of the day but not with this pomade. My brows stay filled in and sat fleeked until I take off my make-up. I use a cleansing oil to take off my make-up but I’m sure wipes or any decent kind of make-up remover will do the trick to taking this product off.

First image: Brows are no filled in, they’re a bit sparse, not much going on and they need help. Second image: From my 90’s inspired GRWM, used TFS eyebrow pencil here. Third image: Used the Chi Chi Brow Pomade, took less time to achieve the same, if not more pigmentation than TFS.
Here I have fairly minimal make-up. You can see the big difference eyebrows can make to your entire look. So if you don’t wear that much make-up, try to do your eyebrows! It makes a world of a difference.

Would I re-purchase this? Well maybe! It’s not a bad product for the price, it’s definitely student budget friendly! But once I finish this up, I think I might try the ABH Dip Brow Pomade to see how the two compare. But if you’re in a pinch and need to get something that you can easily find at Target or Myer then this is the product for you! It does take a bit of getting use to and there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to filling in your brows with a gel-like product. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not as time consuming as you think!

Let me know if you’ve tried this product of the ABH Pomade and let me know which you prefer! I hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet review. It’s all I’ve been using on my eyebrows this past week so I hope this was somewhat helpful/insightful/entertaining. I’ll see you all next week! xx

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7 thoughts on “REVIEW: Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pomade

  1. Seems like a good product. I’ve used Bhcosmetics brow pomade. And honestly, it’s great and better than I expected. I’ve tried ABH (I do not own), it’s very good I’ve ever seen. As I see it, I could say BH brow pomade is a dupe of ABH with the affordable price. I’ll post my review soon. I still wanna buy ABH tho. Lol. I think Chi Chi is good, too. Btw, I can’t use TFS brow pencils or another Korean brands. Too hard for me. Thanks for your review, great job 😛
    Have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh yes I’ll definitely have a read of your review of the BH pomade!
      And yes I know the korean eyebrow pencils can be a bit hard sometimes so I’m glad I’ve come across a good pomade ^^


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