Colourpop Haul Ft. Super Shock Shadows, Super Shock Cheek & Lippie Stix

Hello hello hello~! How is everyone today?! I’ve been a little stressed out at uni lately but this week I finally received my Colourpop order from their Free Shipping event so I decided to a haul post for you all~! I have tried some of Colourpop’s products a couple of months ago when I went to the states and I wasn’t very impressed with their Ultra Satin Lips (full review here) but I can safely say that I am so impressed with the products I got from my latest purchase. There’s quite a bit to get through so let’s jump right into it!

Super Shock Shadows: The first time I ordered eyeshadows from Colourpop where from Jenn Im’s Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection which included four, beautiful, neutral and very wearable colours. Let me just say this: if you don’t like to use your fingers for make-up application then you might want to stop reading here. Because in my experience, brushes don’t pick up a lot of product with these shadows because they’re not exactly powder. They’re almost like a cream-to-powder consistency but it’s much more blendable than say the Maybelline Colour Tattoos which I personally find to be hard to work with. It has a velvet-like texture so it’s super soft and blends like a dream. If you do try and use a brush with these then I’d recommend you go in with a dense and tightly packed brush. Using a wet brush might do the job too! Not like a soaking wet brush, just mist it with some water or setting spray or even something like MAC’s Fix +. Because of their weird cream/velvet/powder/soft texture they last all day! They just stick to your lids without smudging or flaking. So if you have oily lids like me then you’ll be happy to hear that you could probably go without a primer for these. They also don’t crease~! Yay! This is why I hate cream eyeshadows,  they somehow end up just gathering and gunking (is that even a word) up my crease and it ain’t cute. But these!!! I love them, I really do. And if you don’t already know they are crazy pigmented too! At $5 a pop you are most definitely getting your monies worth.

(L-R): Luckfully, Envy, Bae, Frisky, Quatre, Trois, Deux, Cornelious, Sequin, Un, Fringe and Liberty. (Un, Deux, Trois and Quatre are all from the Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection).
(L-R): Luckfully, Envy, Bae, Frisky
(L-R): Quatre, Trois, Deux, Cornelious
(L-R): Sequin, Un, Fringe, Liberty

Super Shock Cheek: I’ve been really into highlighters lately and a friend from work spoke so highly of them so I decided to give them a go. And damn, they’re some sexy highlighters. I have two powder highlighters in my collection from Lorac and Charlotte Tilbury, both of which are amazing highlighters that last all day and give me just the right amount of glow. At first I was a bit iffy on Colourpop’s highlighters because they’re the same consistency as the eyeshadows. So what, are you just suppose to apply this on your cheek bone with your fingers? Yes, unfortunately. It feels a little unnatural to apply highlighter with your finger but I tried it and it’s actually not so bad! Because the formula is so blendable you’re not gonna get any weird finger marks and it’ll still look like you applied with a brush. And because it’s so smooth to touch, you won’t move your foundation from underneath either. And just like the eyeshadows, the highlighters are crazy pigmented! You don’t need a lot to achieve a glowing complexion so a little bit of product definitely goes a long way! A question I see floating around a lot is how to de-pot Colourpop’s eyeshadows and cheek products since packaging is a tad bulky. Well the thing is you can’t, they have a very unique formula and the packaging is design to keep the product fresh and from drying out. So make sure you secure the lids on tightly after using!

(L-R): Smokin’ Whistles, Butterfly Beach
Wearing Smokin’ Whistles on cheekbone
Wearing Butterfly Beach, this colour is a bit deeper and warmer,could be used as a blush

Lippie Stix: So as you already know, I was not a bit fan of the Ultra Satin Lips as I feel they’re way to intense for my taste. I just wasn’t a fan of the formula, it’s not very comfortable to wear and it’s rather high maintenance. BUT I really really like the formula of their Lippie Stix! If you’re not a fan of liquid lipsticks or you’re not into that intense matte lip look then definitely give the Lippie Stix a shot. They’re much easier to apply with since they’re in the form of your run-of-the-mill lipstick/lip balm. They’re a lot more comfortable to wear since you’re not coating your lips with paint as you would with a liquid lipstick. But they’re still very pigmented and saturated. If you find these to be a little drying then make sure you apply a generous amount of lip balm underneath to keep your lips from drying out. If you’re like me and also like to apply for you lip colour after drinking and eating then the Lippie Stix also reapply really well. They don’t get all weird and patchy but the glide right over your lips so the colour looks great no matter how many times you reapply, but I would still suggest to also reapply your lip balm as well. I got these in five different colours and in different formulas but they’re all very comfortable to wear!

(L-R): Ultra Glossy Lip in Bestie (creme), Lippie Stix’s in Button (satin), Aquarius (creme), Brink (matte), Poison (matte), Ellarie (matte with matching lippie pencil)
Ultra Glossy Lip in Bestie
Button (satin)
Aquarius (creme)
Brink (matte)
Poison (matte)
Ellarie (matte)

And that’s my haul~! I’ve also included swatches of the products I got from my first Colourpop haul so you can really see the consistency in quality across all the products. Anyway I hope guys enjoyed my haul, I definitely reccommend just about everything considering they’re super affordable too! Let me know what other products you think I should try from Colourpop and let me know if you got anything from recently, I’d love to read about your haul too! I’ll see you all next week! xx

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39 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul Ft. Super Shock Shadows, Super Shock Cheek & Lippie Stix

  1. Great post! I am still undecided on Colourpop shadows–I love the colors and texture but I don’t feel like I get the same precision with my fingers, and you’re right, they just don’t apply as well with a brush. I’ll keep trying though! Once I get them on they look great–just takes me awhile!

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      1. I use them like 3x/week for maybe..a month? Un is my favorite shade which I use as a base and I can feel the bottom of the pan. It makes me sad since it’s LE and I can’t replace it!

        Liked by 1 person

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