REVIEW: W7 Naughty Nines Palettes in Arabian Nights & Mid Summer Nights

What’s up everyone?! I hope you have all been well! I’ve been so busy with uni lately but this week I have a review on two new eyeshadow palettes that I picked up last week. You all know I’m all about beauty on a budget so this is gonna be really great for those of you on a tight budget but are after an absolute make-up gem! Here I have two of the W7 Naughty Nines palettes I’ll be giving you an in-depth run down on the packaging, wear and pigmentation of the eyeshadows so let’s get started!


(L-R): Naughty Nines Palettes in Arabian Nights and Mid Summer Nights.

The Packaging: Each palette contains 9 eyeshadows which is perfect to take you from a day to night look. However I love how small and compact the palettes are. They come in a fairly standard plastic packaging that’s sleek and slim making it ideal for taking with you on your travels or even for everyday. The top of the palette is clear so you can clearly see what the shades are going to look like and you’re not taking a gamble on hoping you’ll like the colours. It’s lightweight and compact but I would imagine that if you dropped it, it will break. Other than that, I have no complaints on the packaging. It’s really simple and clean, no need for flashy colours and text to attract my attention.

Swatches from the Arabian Nights palette, applied with my fingers, no primer.
Swatches from the Mid Summer Nights palette.

The Texture and Application: Fo $5 you honestly cannot go wrong with these. In terms of texture, they’re not as buttery like my Lorac eyeshadows but their pigmentation is on point. Because the texture isn’t as smooth you will have to do a bit of building up to get the pigmentation you’re after but that makes it much more beginner friendly! You won’t over-apply the eyeshadows so it’s practically fool-proof. There’s no fall out so you don’t have to worry about doing your eye make-up before doing the rest of your face. They also don’t crease which I’ve experienced with some lower quality shadows that require a good primer to avoid creasing. They’re pigmented but I actually prefer to use my fingers to build up the colour for the more shimmery/glittery shades. In order to get that high impact shimmer I like to take a generous amount of shadow on my ring finger and gently dab it onto my lids. This way I get the most out of the colour and if it’s too much then I’ll just blend it with a fluffy brush and matte shadow. I’ll do side to side swatches to compare the more similar shades with some of my Lorac shadows. They’re $5 and the colours are very wearable for everyday and I reckon they would suit most skin tones too!

Here are some comparison swatches from my Lorac Pro palettes (1 and 3). The left swatches are Lorac and the right swatches are W7.
(L-R): Here I’ve compared W7’s shades with Lorac’s Garnet (PRO 1), Amethyst (PRO 3) and Truffle (PRO 3).

The Wear: As I do for any other eyeshadows, I use the Australis Eye Shadow primer since I have oily eyelids. And with the primer the eyeshadows last all day! I don’t see them fading or creasing throughout the day which is perfect for those long days at work or uni. But if you do need to touch up or go form a day-to-night look then it’s not an issue considering how easy it is to take them on-the-go. Without the primer then I would say the colours aren’t as vibrant, you would need to build up a lot. I particularly love the Arabian Nights palette for everyday, for work and uni and day-to-day activities. The Mid Summer Nights palette is also great for everyday but I personally think the plum and purples tones are perfect for a night-time smokey look and with the fall coming up for everyone outside of Australia then this is going to be perfect for the new season!


And that’s pretty much it! I think the thing I love the most about these shadows is that fact they’re only $5 each!! I highly highly recommend these to anyone! Especially if you’re just starting out with eyeshadows and you don’t have the monies to be getting a palette from Lorac, Urban Decay, Too Faced or any of those other higher end brands. I hope you guys found this informative and insightful. Let me know if you’ve tried these shadows before and if there’s anything you’d recommend I try from the W7 range! I’ll see you all next week~! xx

W7 is available at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot.

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