Spring/Summer Ombré Hair Ft. OGX, Not Your Mother’s & Sui

Happy Thursday beautiful people~! Today’s blog post is all about my new hair!!! A few weeks ago I decided to make some dramatic changes to my hair since I was getting a lot of split ends and I was after a new look. I’m gonna go through the whole process of what inspired my new hair, how it got it done, where I got it done and some basic hair maintanance tips to keep my new colour looking fresh and vibrant!

My hair before I tried cutting myself, this is the longest it’s ever been.

So I have been looking into getting an ombré done but I was too scared to. I dyed once a long time ago and it did not look good, I somehow ended up with dark orange-y hair and it took my ages to grow it out. But now that my hair had its natural colour back I wanted to spruce it up a bit.

Inspiration from Yan Yan Chan, Jen Im & Josie Barber

The inspiration: I had a few pictures I saved of how I wanted my hair to look. I took inspiration from two of my favourite intsagrammers and one of my favourite youtubers. They all had a brown to blonde ombré kind of look which I was really digging! My main concern with this hair colour was the maintenance but from all the research I did, it’s apparently very easy to maintain. So now that I know what kind of hair style and colour I want, I started to look into different hair salons in Melbourne. I went with SUI which is located within the Melbourne CBD. I’ve read reviews and most of their customers are pretty happy with the service and walk out satisfied so I settled on them! Also I believe most of the hair dressers there are korean and I thought it would only be fitting to go to a place that understands how Asian hair works, especially since I would need to bleach my hair twice.

Snapchatted the entire process

The process: So I made an appointment with Lisa who made me feel very very comfortable! What I really appreciated was the fact that she talked me through the entire process so I knew what was happening and what she was going to do. First thing we did was cut my hair. A couple of months ago I cut my own hair, I followed a tutorial on YouTube on how to cut your own hair and that didn’t turn out that great. So I got my hair cut at shoulder length, I didn’t wanna go too short since I don’t think that super short look would suit me. Then we started the bleaching process! I was a bit nervous about this part because I know how damaging and drying bleaching can be on your hair. We ended up having to bleach my hair twice since my hair is so stubborn. The each bleach took about 10-15 minutes. And the result? Successfully achieved golden yellow locks! At this point my hair was super dry and it felt like fake hair, it as kind of weird. But now that the hair is bleached we were finally able to get into the colouring~! If I remember correctly they dyed my hair and we left it to sit for about 10-15 minutes, rinsed and then went in with toner. Rinsed again and then applied some treatment to give my hair some hydration and moisture after all the bleaching torture. We did one last rinse and Lisa gave me some curl to finish up.

The Maintenance: At first I felt a bit iffy on the colour I ended up, it wasn’t as bright as I would have liked but Lisa reassured me that the colour will lighten up with each wash! It’s been about three weeks since I got my hair coloured and the colour is looking great! It hasn’t gotten too brassy or orange-y which was what I was afraid of but with some extra care and attention the ombre is looking pretty good! Over the past few weeks I’ve been using OGX’s shampoo and conditioner which just so happens to be safe for colour treated hair! I wash my hair every other day, use the Not Your Mother’s heat protectant and OGX oil treatment a couple times a week to make sure my hair isn’t getting dried out and brittle. If you want you could use a lavender based shampoo to keep the colour from getting brassy but luckily I didn’t have that experience.

On the day I got my hair coloured, this was from the 90’s look I did in my last post
One week later, the colour has started to develop and becoming slightly more red-toned
Two weeks after getting my hair coloured. It’s gotten a bit more brassy but in person you can’t really tell

So here a couple of photos to show how the colour has developed over the last couple of weeks. You’ll notice that the colour can look really different depending on the lighting but for the most part it’s a cool toned ombre which I’m really really enjoying! If you’re looking to change up your hair then definitely look into getting an ombre done! It’s fairly low maintenance and it’s a great option if you’re a bit scared to dye your hair because you’ll still have your roots so you don’t need to worry about re-growth! Anyway that is everything on my new hair~! Hopefully I covered all the bases but if you have any questions on my hair then please feel free to ask in the comments below! I’ll see you all next week! xx


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