FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Kiehl’s Apothacary Preparations

Hey hey everyone!! How are you all? I have a pretty exciting post for you today! Last week, Kiehl’s invited me to try their new personalised concentrate range called Apothecary Preparations. This is definitely different from anything that I have tried before so here is a quick first impression review for you!

The Consultation: Before getting your mitts on the product, you’ll be able to get a skin consultation from a Kiehl’s Customer Representative who will be able to help you determine your top two major skin concerns. They use a Skin Atlas which has pictures and examples to help you determine which skin concerns you need to work on the most. My consultant, Julie, was incredibly helpful and walked me through each skin concern that I may have. At the moment, I am fairly happy with my skin to be honest! I don’t have a major problem with my pores, wrinkles or redness! But we did determine that I had some discolouration that needed correcting. I also want to maintain the soft texture of my skin so those were the two target areas that we focused on.


The Concentrate: The Apothecary Preparations range consists of two main components: the Skin Strengthening Concentrate and the Target Complexes. The Skin Strengthening Concentrate is made up of some super fancy ingredients that I can’t explain nearly as well as Julie. But I know it’s a formula that’s made to protect your skins barrier and keep it hydrated. It also has all these other botanical oils in it that’s going to replenish the skin to make it stronger and resistant to damage! As for the Target Complexes, you get two to target those skin concerns that I mentioned earlier. So for me I received a texture refining complex and a brightening complex. These will address the issues I mentioned during the consultation stage. While most serums offer to target one problem area, this customisable concentrate is able to give you a helping hand with two areas! What’s really great is that although its an oil-based serum, it’s light enough to wear under your make-up. I tried this the other night for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight it was! But you could always use more drops if you’re after a more intensive and moisturising result.


The Packaging: Let’s take a moment to talk about the packaging here. When you get the product you’ll get a personalised label to go on the box and bottle! It’s a small touch but it definitely feels like that product was made especially for you! If you have a friend who is a major skincare junkie, then I would imagine that this would be a great little gift! So you get the Skin Strengthening Concentrate in a very generously sized bottle and the Target Complexes in separate little sachet looking tubes. So what’s cool is that you can go home and mix in the Target Complexes yourself…makes you feel like a chemist for a little bit! The way it’s packaged definitely gives a more intimate experience with skincare so a big thumbs up for the packaging! The bottle itself is a glass bottle so it’s not exactly travel friendly but the cap is child proof so you definitely won’t get any spillage if you close the lid! It comes with a dropper which is perfect since this stuff is quite potent.


I haven’t use it for long so I can’t tell you that much on how this has worked on my skin. But so far it’s going well! It hasn’t broken me out or caused any kind of irritation. There isn’t too much of scent either which is good if you’re sensitive to fragrance. Just a small con…Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations will retail for $144. I KNOW! It’s quite pricey for someone on a student budget. I’d say you should only splurge on this if you have some major skin concerns that you really REALLY need help with, or if you want to keep your night time skincare to a minimum. In which case this is great since it acts as a moisturiser but concentrated enough to improve and protect your skin. But for the moment, I wouldn’t consider this to be a staple in my skincare routine.


And that’s it~! I hope you enjoyed this first impressions review! I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on this product and if I see any drastic changes over the next few months. Let me know if you’d like to see more of these first impression type of reviews and what you think of this new product! Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations will be available in the David Jones Bour St store from the 19th of September and everywhere else from the 2nd of October. I’ll see you guys next week! xx

One last thing! A massive thank you to everyone who entered my Dolly Wink giveaway! I’ll definitely do more giveaways in the future, winner will be announced on instagram tomorrow! xx

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