Massive Make-Up Haul Part 1 Ft. Colorpop, Pony Effect & Dior

Hellooo my beautiful readers! This is the last instalment of my travel series! I apologise if the quality of my posts and photos have been inconsistent. I’ve been traveling so much that I jus haven’t had the time to really make sure my posts are of top quality. But I still hope that you guys have been enjoying the posts. Anyway, now that I am at my last stop of my USA trip I’ve finally started to buy myself a couple of things in terms of make-up so here is my haul so far!


Colourpop: This is one of my more exciting purchases. Since I’m staying with my cousin in Seattle I took advantage of her home address and made a colourpop order. I didn’t order a crazy amount of stuff, just two of the ultra satin lips, two of their new sheer lippie stix and the Jenne Sais Quad Eyeshadow set. I don’t wear a lot of colours that stray from a natural pink and I prefer the satin and glossy finishes, so I thought these would be a good selection of products to introduce myself to the brand and their products. I’ve swatched everything so you guys can see the colours I got. I did not bring my macro lens with me so it was a little difficult to get a good photo of the swatches. I ended up using my phone to get some more detailed shots but it’s not the best. I will be doing a more depth review and seperate post on these products and there will be much clearer photos in those.

(L-R): Sheer Lippie Stix in Juice Bar, Kiddo; Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park, Magic Wand; Super Shock Shadows in Un, Deux, Trois and Quatre.


Pony Effect: This is another very exciting purchase for me. I ordered Pony Effect products from Memebox and unfortunately they only ship to the states at the moment. Pony Effect is a make-up by a very talented Korean make-up artist who goes by the name of Pony. She does indeed have a YouTube channel so be sure to check out some of her amazing looks. She has a pretty extensive range of products but the ones I wanted to try the most were the Fluid Lip Tints and the Conceptual Eyes Quads. I’ve used the lip tints a few times now and I personally love them. The colour payoff is amazing for a lip tint. To me they kind of resemble the Revlon Moisture Stains. They have the same kind of wet and glossy texture but I feel that the Pony Effect ones have a much better colour pay off and staying power. As for the eyeshadows, I’ve only swatched them and I can say that the eyeshadows aren’t as pigmented as colourpop but they’re very easy to blend and work with. They’re great quads if you’re still new to using eyeshadow and the colours are really pretty. Also can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging? It doesn’t feel expensive but it definitely has a luxury vibe to it. I absolutely love the combination of navy and gold and the rose gold lip tints are just beautiful.


(L-R): #Sheer Delight, #Simon Pure, #Be Agape and That Girl lipstick in Nobel Brunch.


(L-R): #Be Romantic shades in Love Me, Roses, Moment and Doom. #Innocent shades in Naive, Playful, Kindly and Harmless.

Dior and Urban Decay: Due to the overwhelming number of lip products I decided to not get too many others at my trip to Sephora. One I had my heart set on was the Urban Decay Naked Glosses. I personally really like a nice lipgloss to layer over my lipstick. The one I got is in the shade Liar and it’s a very pretty, natural pink that you can wear on its own or over a nice pinky lip. I also wanted to get a Dior addict lipstick. Packaging is stunning and the colour I got is a slightly darker pink, a little bit different to what I normally go for. Again I have tried these yet but if I love them, you’ll see them in a favourites post!


(L-R): UD Naked Gloss in Liar, Dior Addict Lipstick in 667 Avenue.

Estee Lauder, Tarte & Lancome: I went a little bit crazy with the foundations. Only the Tarte and Lancome ones were on my list, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation was an impulse buy from The Company Cosmetics Store. I’ve tried the Estee Lauder and Lancome foundations once each so I can’t form a full and detailed opinion on them but they’re very nice foundations that apply very smoothly and seamlessly. The oil control is amazing with both foundations so look into these products if you have oily skin. The Tarte foundations, form what I’ve read about them, are more suitable for combination to drier skin types so I’ll try it out and let you know how they go!


(L-R): Lancome Teint Idole Ultra in Beige, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Light Neutral, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Desert Beige.

And that’s my haul for now, there are still a few more things I plan to get form the drug store so I’ll do a separate post on those maybe next week or the week after. I also just got eyelash extensions today so I’ll definitely do a post on those as well! What do you think about the products I featured? Have you tried any of these before? What do you think of them? What else do you think I should get on my visit? Leave your comments below and I’ll see you all next week! xx

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24 thoughts on “Massive Make-Up Haul Part 1 Ft. Colorpop, Pony Effect & Dior

    1. I’ve always wanted to try the Double Wear foundation so I’m super excited to see how it works out for me! I’m not very adventurous when it comes to lip colours so Echo Park is right up my alley! Thanks for reading my post, I really appreciate it!! ❤️

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  1. Great haul! You picked up a lot of amazing products. I would love to try ColourPop someday especially since I heard they’re practically the same thing as the Kylie lip kits!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From my first impression they have great colour pay off and great for people looking for that bold lip look. If you’re wanting a more subtle and sheer colour, look into their lippie stix ^^


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