REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette, 5 Minute Face On The Go

Happy Thursday, Beautiful People~! Today I have a really exciting review for you on Charlotte Tilbury’s limited edition Instant Look In A Palette. I remember seeing photos of this palette and it was love at first sight! I wanted it so badly but I had to wait for my pay-check to come through but by the time it did I had already missed out. But I did manage to find it on eBay, it was a little more expensive than what it retails for but I guess that’s the price you pay for missing out. This is my very first Charlotte Tilbury product, I’ve never tried her products before so I’m pretty friggin’ excited about this.




The Packaging and Application: The packaging is just beautiful, and very luxurious. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I was going through my mum’s make-up and which had this expensive, high-end vibe…this is what this palette feels like. I look at it and I just love the simplicity of it, and the rose gold accents so really well with the dark burgundy/brown colour. The palette itself is in a slim, kind of medium sized compact. It’s smaller than I expected, considering that it’s suppose to hold eye-shadows and cheek products I thought it would a be a little bigger but this size is actually pretty perfect. It fits in my hand really well so it’s not bulky or troublesome to hold and it’s perfect to travel with. In terms of application, I had no problems. The eye-shadows were super smooth and easy to blend and the cheek products were beautiful to work with. The texture is really smooth and buttery making it really user friendly. You just dip your brush into the powders and that’s all the product you’ll need.  They gave me a perfect amount of product and blending was also really easy. The combination of the bronzer, highlighter and blushes made my complexion look really glowy and radiant. I did at one point applied too much bronzer but with my powder brush I was able to tone it down and really blend it out. It’s quite forgiving so if you’re new to make-up, this is super easy to work with.




The Wear: This wonderful palette arrived on the day of my exam so of course I wore this to my exam, I used everything in the palette that day. I applied my make-up at 11am, my skin looked really nice and glowy. I went out, did my exam and then had dinner with some friends. I got home at around 7pm but I didn’t removed my make-up until about midnight. I had make-up on for about 12 hours and my eyes and cheeks looked just as good as when I applied this in the morning (or late morning) so it’s definitely long lasting. As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of eye-shadow or cheek products I really liked the way this palette worked out for me. I think it makes my skin look airbrushed and flawless and it’s a really good product to introduce me to Charlotte Tilbury’s products.

Swatches of eye-shadows in 1,2 and 3
Swatches of cheek shades in 4,5,6 and 7

The Look: Here is a quick daytime look I did with this palette…this is actually the make-up I wore to my exam (LOL). I went with a simple eye look, using the brightener and enhancing colour all over the lids, then went in the smoke shade and focused that on my outer corners. As for the blushes I mixed both shades together for a rosy cheek look. I REALLY LIKE HOW GOOD THIS PALETTE MAKES ME LOOK!!!!



I honestly I cannot rave enough about this product. It’s such a lovely combination of products and it’s great to travel with. It’s also really good if you’re new to make-up and you don’t know what kind of colours look good on you then this is the palette for you! Unfortunately this is a limited edition palette BUT you might be able to find this on eBay or Amazon. I’ll provide the link of where I bought mine just so you can see what to look for when you’re buying from other sellers. Just make sure it’s BNIB (brand new in box) and read reviews of that seller to make sure you’re not getting ripped off or purchasing any fake items.

Anyway that is all for this week~! I hope you guys enjoyed my review, I really really love this product and I haven’t felt this excited about a make-up product in a long time and that says a lot. Do you have this product? What are your thoughts on it? Or is there another eye/cheek palette that you really love? Leave your comments below and I’ll see you all next week! xx


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