GRWM: AMICO Launch Event Ft. Dolly Wink, Lorac & OCC

Hello beautiful people and welcome to a very special blog post! Today I have a special night-time look to celebrate the launch of the girls’ networking app, AMICO. The AMICO app will be launching this Friday (the 20th of May) and I am super excited to be going to the launch event where I’ll not only be meeting and connecting with new people but I’ll also be taking photos and featuring beauty looks for a special Tuesday post! Anyway, let’s get on to the look for the night!

DSC_0583The Make-Up:

It’s getting super cold in Melbourne so instead of reaching for my usual matte-finish foundations, I’m going for something a little more glowy and hydrating with Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion which I did a detailed review on here. My skin has been doing fairly well lately so a cushion is perfect to even out my skin tone while still showing the minor blemishes.

I decided I wanted a bold lip look, so I needed to go more natural and subtle on the eyes. My Dolly Wink eyeshadow quad is perfect for the job. This was my very first eyeshadow product and it’s still going strong. These shadows have a beautiful satin finish that last all day and are wearable for any occasion. They can be a little difficult to find, I got mine from one of Untitled design (3)those asian beauty stores in the city and it was pretty expensive…like $35 for a quad. But I’m pretty sure you can find it online as well. I highly recommend these eyeshadows! They’re also super buttery and very easy to blend, perfect for eyeshadow amateurs like myself (and they do come in different shades).

I finished the eyes with a wing on the end and some mascara. Today I decided to go with Maybelline’s The Falsies in Waterproof. Honestly it’s not my favourite mascara, to me it’s more of a wet formula which I feel kind of weighs down my lashes. But to my surprise it does hold a curl. I still prefer the Maybelling Illegal Length or L’Oreal’s Telescpoic (both waterproof) over this. While The Flasies does give me some volume and length, I decided to put on actual false lashes. Disclaimer: I am so bad at putting on fake lashes, I’m still trying to get the hang of it and it’s something I really struggle with. As I have learned off youtube gurus, I put on some lash glue, let it dry a little bit and then stick it from the middle of the band and attached the ends. I’m Untitled design (4)actually surprised at how well it turned out for the post, they don’t look as bad as I thought. These are pretty natural looking lashes that I could from Vietnam last year, they’re cheap and great to practice with! Decided with no mascara on my bottom lashes, I just keep that area naked to avoid a dark cast.

For the cheeks I decided to go with a matte, natural looking blush since I am also going to be using my new Lorac Perfectly Lit Luminizing Powder, which I believe is now discontinued or reformulated into something else. But my good friend Nadia (HI NADIA!!) gave this to me and I’m really liking it. I’m not one to highlight since I do have oily skin but this really does give me a nice looking glow. I will say the powder does have a lot of fall out, similar to the Lorac Pro Palette, which can be a bit messy but because this isn’t something I would use on the daily I don’t mind the fall out.

To finish things off I wanted a bold lip. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go for OCC’s Lip Tar in Black Dahlia or Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss lipstick in Kiss of Life. OCC’s Lip Tar are a little high maintenance and you have to be very patient to build up the colour not get too messy with it (nadia also gave this to me). Black Dahlia looks incredible and it’s very sophisticated. But in the end I went with the red, which I’m still not sure if I’m going to go with this for the actual event but it actually looks quite nice. I normally don’t wear big lip looks but I decided to make an exception.

Untitled design (2)
Before and After
Close-up of the final look, mixed the two lightest shades from the quad as a wash over the lids, then used the darker browns on the outer corners for subtle definition.

The Outfit:

The dress code is evening wear. Honestly, considering how cold it’s been I really didn’t wanna go all out and wear and dress. So I decided to go to my comfort zone: cullotes!! These pants have been my favourite thing ever. I got these from Zara and they’re the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing I’ve bought in a long time. You can wear these casually or formally. For an evening-esque look I paired the pants with a dainty lace camisole, a warm tan coat and strappy black heals. I think if you’re not the type to wear dresses, this is a great formal alternative!

Coat, camisole and heels are all from Forever New, Cullotes are from ZARA

And that is my completed look!! If you’ll be at the AMICO launch event, let me know and I would love to meet you! As I said, I will be doing a special Tuesday bonus post where I will feature and do shoutouts to other beauty fanatics! I hope you enjoyed getting ready with me and I’ll see you all next week! xx

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