REVIEW: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit SPF 30 PA ++

Happy Thursday everyone! And welcome back to the blog for another review! It’s been a very cold and stressful couple of days with the last couple assessments due and the weather getting colder, so I haven’t been bothered to do my make-up. But when I do have classes or work I’ve opted for a BB cream that will hydrate and look after my skin while still delivering the coverage I need. Allow me to introduce to you my winter skin saviour, the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit.20160512_161520

The Claims: Supposedly this is meant to be an oily skin friendly BB cream that has a powdery/matte finish. I don’t know about that. I’ve read other reviews on this and for some people it’s more matte than what they’re use to. But to me it has a much more dewy finish. To me a matte finish is something you would get with Hourglass’ Immaculate Liquid to Powder Foundation or L,Oreal’s 24 hour Matte Foundation. Here are some of the other claims:

– Brightening Up: Clear and bright features of pearl ingredients contained to provide brightness to skin and control sebum to care darkened skin for bright skin tone.
– Coverage Up: Double layer cover formula’ applied to cover uneven skin tone and blemishes.
– Hydrated Pep Skin Care: Containing Coconut oil and Vitamin-E Acetate that nutrize and moisturize skin for pep-hydrated skin.
– Double layer cover formula: Using different sizes of particles of powder to formulate double-layered covering to cover blemishes and keep skin smooth.

The Packaging and Application: The BB cream comes in a generous 60ml bottle that will last you ages. It’s packaged in a squeeze tube with a pump making very easy and hygienic to dispense the product. Also you can’t deny how cute the colour scheme and the font and everything is. Probably half of the reason people by Etude House is because of its super cute packaging and designs. Anyway back to the BB cream. In terms of application, it is very blendable and for such good coverage, the texture is actually thinner than what I expected. I think this blends best with a beauty blender or sponge of some kind, a brush can look a little bit streaky. After blending, it gives you nice dewy or semi dewy finish which is great if you have dry skin. But again it really depends because it seems like this BB cream works a little bit differently on everyone. Sadly, this BB cream only comes in 3 different shades. I

have this in W13 Natural Beige which is a great match for me, I definitely feel like it’s brightening my complexion. It’s a good shade if you’re around an NC20. The darkest shade, W24 in Honey Beige is more suitable if you have around an NC25-30 complexion.

Swatches (L-R): L’Oreal’s Infallible 24 hr Matte Foundation in 11 Vanilla, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10 Light and Etude House Cotton Fit BB Cream in W13 Natural Beige. EH’s BB cream is more yellow toned but isn’t obvious when blended, it’s a good shade in between in the other two products.

The Wear: The BB cream has medium coverage, enough to even out my skin tone, cover redness and blur imperfections. Keep in mind that I use a primer and powder with EVERY foundation or BB cream I use since my skin is ridiculously oily. I can safely say that with a primer and powder, the BB cream holds up very well. I don’t feel oily, I still have my imperfections blurred and after a full day of class or work I’m left with a natural, satin finish. I have tried wearing this without a primer and I end up feeling excessively oily and shiny and the product even separates a little, so if you have crazy uncontrollable oiliness then make sure to use a primer! This does have an SPF of 30 PA ++ and it does cause flashback! I wore this BB cream and tried to take a Polaroid selfie….the flashback was so bad my face was whited out completely that all my facial features disappeared. So I do not recommend this if you plan on getting your photo taken.

All in all I think it’s great, it’s been my go-to base for winter. Unfortunately it’s a little too hydrating and dewy for summer which is probably better if you have drier skin! If you’re in the market for a Korean BB cream, this one is definitely worth looking into!

Anyway that’s all I have for this week, I hope you guys found my review helpful! If you don’t have an Etude House store or stockist near you then you can purchase the BB cream on Cosmetic Love or ibuybeauti! Have you tried this BB cream before? What are your favourite Korean BB creams? Leave your comments below and I’ll see you all next week! xx

My favourite winter combination.

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14 thoughts on “REVIEW: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit SPF 30 PA ++

    1. Thanks for reading rachel!! ^^ i definitely prefer korean bb creams over western bb creams, the quality is substantially different so hopfully this one will work way better for you~! ^^

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  1. I’ve been curious about Korean bb creams because I have a lot of yellow in my skin and most makeup in the US is too pink. This review helps a lot. I’ve considered EH cosmetics because they’re so cute and affordable so I’ll probably try this one out. What primer do you use to control oil?

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    1. I really like the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer! But if you need something even more mattifying then the MUFE Mattifying Primer is good too! Thanks for reading my review!! ♡


  2. I haven’t tried a matte BB cream, but think I need it since I do have oily skin..but I also have those stubborn hidden dry patches that only show up once I start applying my makeup. I’ve only tried one of Etude House’s BB cream, the bright fit, but I believe they discontinued it.

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    1. Over the past few years I think EH re-formulated the bright fit which I think is now called the Blooming Fit BUT I COULD BE WRONG ABOUT THAT hahaha. They have great BB creams so even if this one doesn’t work out for you, I’m sure you can easily find another from EH that will work perfectly for you ^^


  3. I used to love the Garnier one, but lately it just doesn’t sit well with my face, might need to try this one 🙂

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  4. I’ve only used Missha BB cream because the natural beige color is the closest to my skin tone. But I’d love to try out this Etude House BB cream. Btw, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I love reading your posts!

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    1. I’ve tried the Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream but it didn’t suit my skin tone that well…But hopefully this will be a good BB cream for you! And thank you!!! I’m glad you like reading my posts ^^

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    1. I’m using the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer! I’ve used the Innisfree No Sebum Primer before and I know what you mean, it does feel pretty oily. But the Rimmel one is fantastic!


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