REVIEW: Make Up For Ever UV PRIME SPF 50/PA +++ Daily Protective Make-up Primer

As someone who religiously uses sunscreen everyday under make-up, I’m always on the hunt for non-greasy sunscreens that’s good for my combo/oily and acne prone skin. So while I was in Vietnam a few months ago I stopped by a Make Up For Ever store and left with the UV PRIME SPF 50/PA +++ Daily Protective Make-up Primer. I’ve been using this primer/sunscreen for a few months now so here are some of my thoughts.

The Packaging and Application:20160505_172816 (1)
The primer comes in a standard tube packaging, making it easier to use. However be careful when you open the bottle as the primer is quite thin in consistency so it does have the tendency to leak a little when it’s being opened. However this thin consistency makes it incredibly easy to blend. You only need the smallest amount, too much product can leave your face feeling greasier than usual. I’d recommend that you leave the primer to sit and settle into the skin for a few minutes before you carry on with the rest of your make-up, this will allow the skin to absorb some of the product so it doesn’t feel excessively greasy or sticky. The primer does have a subtle luminosity to it which I noticed made my skin look a little more glow-y as opposed to when I used a mattifying primer. Blending foundation and the rest of your make-up is also easy, it doesn’t make your make-up look blotchy or uneven.

20160129_120350The Wear:
Throughout the day I found that while my make-up managed to stay-put despite the ridiculously hot and humid Vietnam weather (yay!), but I was very oily within less than 5 hours of wear. In Melbourne this might be a bit different due to the weather and environment. However in Vietnam, because it was so hot and I got so oily I did end up breaking out. But it’s been working really well lately in the colder weather. It keeps my skin well moisturised and hydrated and since I have oily skin, it works very well with a matte foundation. So I think if you dry skin you can definitely use this all year round but you might want to stay away if you have oily skin unless you have a great, oil control, mattifying foundation!

Something to note in the ingredients is that the primer does contain Titanium Dioxide which might give you a bit of a white cast. So if you know you’re be somewhere where your picture is going to be taken with flash, this might not be the primer to go for. There is also a light floral kind of fragrance but it won’t linger and give you a headache or anything. It’s great for daily use, but I don’t think it’s great in terms of the price. It’s $49 at the Australian Sephora which is pretty expensive and there are much better sunscreens out there that you can wear under your make-up. So, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one, I’m just not that crazed about it (definitely prefer my Natio sunscreen).

And that’s all for my review, kept it short and sweet. I hope today’s blog post has been really helpful for you! Do you wear sunscreen under make-up? What are your favourite face sunscreens? Leave your comments below and I’ll see you all next week! xx

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21 thoughts on “REVIEW: Make Up For Ever UV PRIME SPF 50/PA +++ Daily Protective Make-up Primer

    1. Not for me, it wasn’t holy grail…maybe for someone with dry skin! If my check out my second empties post I featured a sunscreen that I realllyyyyy love so you might wanna check that out

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  1. Thanks for the review! I actually don’t wear sunscreen under my makeup…I usually just use SPF products and am satisfied with that. I know I probably SHOULD be using a real sunscreen though.

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    1. Thank you for having a read!! I use to not wear sunscreen either…just found it so greasy under make-up and it was horrible on my oily skin but eventually I’ve found a few that sit incredibly well under make-up! Hopefully you’ll be able to find a good sunscreen to wear under make-up too! ^^


  2. I have oily skin too! Although I’ve found Neutrogena sunscreen to work really well for me. And it’s only about $12 so it won’t break the bank. I am still on a search for a good primer though so I’ll definitely check out Natio. Thanks for the review!

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    1. No problem, I’m glad it was helpful! I have to look into the Neutrogena one. A few years back i tried the sheer formula but it wasn’t formulated for the face so I need to try the face range ^^


      1. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone myself. I take most of my photos on a DSLR…for Instagram I use my phone which is a Samsung. I guess my biggest tip or any other blogger will tell you that natural lighting is the best way to achieve some great looking photos ^^ I might do an in-depth blog post on how I take my photos soon ^^

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