Drying Lotion Dupe?! REVIEW: Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot

The heat and humidity in Vietnam absolutely annihilated my skin a few months back, causing it to break out like crazy. This was the most acne I got since I finished my acne medication. So during a trip to Etude House I decided to pick up a product that seemed very similar to Mario Badescu’s (MB) Drying Lotion with the hopes that it would calm down and dry out my acne.

The Claims:
“- 2-layer Spot care: Pink Powder layer containing sulfur and water layer containing other ingredients including salicylic acid for acne-type skin.
– Upgraded ingredients: Containing more ingredients including salicylic acid and hinoki cypress extract to care sensitive skin and prevent troubles arising.
– Pink Powder alleviates trouble swelling on contact to minimize damage.”
Considering I wasn’t able to bring my holy grail MB drying lotion I figured maybe this would be a good drug-store alternative.

20160129_120926The Packaging and Application:
The drying lotion, or pink powder in this case, comes in a 3 piece set: the Pink Powder bottle, Pink Powder Water and a handful of cotton swabs. Personally I really liked getting the cotton swabs with it because it saved me the trouble from having to go buy them separately so it’s a nice little kit if you’re overseas.  The pink powder bottle is 20ml while the powder water is 15ml so they’re half the size of MB’s drying lotion but it’s enough if you don’t get a lot of breakouts and/or are travelling and need to bring an acne treatment (it’s also half the price so you’re paying for what you get). Also a smaller bottle means it’s easier to dip your q-tip into the bottle. Because MB’s bottle is a lot taller it can be tricky to dip (I have to use tweezers to hold the cotton swap into the bottle). Application is simple. Without shaking the bottle (to keep liquids separated) you dip your cotton bud into the pink sediment on the bottom, then apply on to spots that need treatment.


The Wear and Effectiveness:20160129_121232
When you apply it to your skin you get that tingly, stinging sensation which to me indicates that the product is potent to penetrate and treat the acne. After a few minutes it dries down to a powder finish, I leave it on over night and go to bed with it. When I wake up, there is some residue left on the skin but not as much as if I were to use MB. Then for the day time I go in with the Pink Powder Water. I like to think it acts like a toner spot treatment, something lightweight that you can wear under make-up. I used these products consistently during my last two weeks of my Vietnam trip and unfortunately it was not as effective as I had hoped it would be. It didn’t get rid of the acne but it keep it from getting worse which I guess kept it under control so that I could treat the existing acne when I got home to Melbourne. The ingredients of Mario Badescu and Etude House were similar but Etude House didn’t have Isopropyl Alcohol like Mario Badescu which I think made the biggest difference in its effectiveness.

20160129_121018If you’re someone who doesn’t normally break out and you don’t need something as intensive as Mario Badescu then Etude House is a good alternative. It’s also good if you’ve never tried using these types of acne treatments before and you don’t want to splurge on any higher end brands (Kate Somerville has a similar product as well). However if you are generally acne prone then this might not do much for you and you might be better off with MB. When purchasing products, be sure to pay attention to the ingredients list and how they differ from other products. This is going to help you figure out what ingredients work best on your skin.

I know korean cosmetics can be a little inaccessible for those living outside of Asia but you can purchase this kit from the official Etude House website or from Cosmetic Love.

I hope you guys found this helpful, feel free to share and like. Comment below what acne treatment work well for you and I’ll see you guys next week! xx

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