Lê Summer Edit #1 Ft. Bobbi Brown, Innisfree & Physician’s Formula

Happy Thursday everyone~! And welcome to my first seasonal edit post where I’ll be collating a couple of products I’ve been loving over the last 3 months. I feel like I don’t try enough products during a month and that it isn’t long enough to really form a solid opinion on a product so instead I’ll be sharing some of my favourite products that I love at the end of every season. This is gonna be a long one so grab a cup of tea and we’ll get started!

Etude House Moistfull Aloe Soothing Lotion: This is just a little magic potion for my skin. My acne has been acting up lately so I decided to switch up my moisturiser for something a little more nourishing and soothing to aid the irritation. And I honestly forgot how much I loved this lotion. It’s light-weight, has a very subtle fragrance and calms down the irritation and redness from my acne. The best part is waking up with my skin looking and feeling radiant and supple! It’s the same result I get when I used the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate only this is cheaper and has way more product. You would have buy this online but it’s so worth it! If there is a product that you need to buy it’s this one.

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light-Medium Bisque: I bought this on a whim on boxing day as a little treat to myself. I’ve always been the type to pack on the concealer under my eyes but I still didn’t feel like it was enough to really cover the darkness. I always read and heard about using a salmon-coloured concealer to counteract the purple and blueish tones but I had never tried it until now. I was very surprised to see how well this worked! Yes, I know, it’s like a rookie discovery but I’m definitely not going back. I love that the corrector takes away the darkness, feels light under the eyes and doesn’t crease! It is a little expensive so I am on the hunt for a cheaper alternative but so far I haven’t gone a day without using it so I do think it’s worth the extra moolas.

Left-right: Swatch of Innisfree Longwear Cushion in #23. Has a slight yellow undertone, doesn’t show when blended. Swatch of Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light-Medium Bisque, strong pink colour is effective for minimising blue and purple hues.

Innisfree Longwear Cushion in #23: The problem with cushion foundations/bb creams is that they tend to have a more dewy finish which would not sit well on my oily skin. But Innisfree’s Longwear Cushion has been treating my skin so well. I’ve been trying to stay away from my heavier, fuller coverage foundations to give my skin a bit of a rest. This particular cushion has been my go-to. I get a thin layer of product that evens out my skin tone but coverage is light enough that will allow my skin to breathe and not agitate the acne. And the massive SPF of 50? It’s an all in one product. A tip I have for using a cushion foundation is to use a beauty blender instead of the puff. The puff is great when you use it but it’s a pain to clean. So it’s much easier to press your own blending sponge in there so it’s easier to clean.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: So I bought this palette back in December. I really wanted a go-to everyday palette that I could use for work or uni. A lot of people really like this palette and I can totally see why. Using the lighter shades you can set the concealer around your eyes, use the brown tones to enhance the contour around the eyes (and contouring for the nose!) and use the black shadow as a subtle liner. And the 20160310_094406highlight colour! Oh my goodness. I did not understand the beauty of the brow highlight until I used it. It just gives my face this extra bit of lift and life that I didn’t have before. I usually don’t highlight my face because I get quite oily by the end of the day but a brow highlight is more than enough to give my complexion a subtle luminosity.

Physician’s Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum: For everyday I do like to add a little wing-tip on the end to elongate and widen my eyes. But lately the pencil liner I use has been smudging on me so I decided to switch to a liquid liner instead and it’s been staying put all day long. I can’t say it helps with lash growth but I do think it’s a really great, water resistant and smudge proof liner that you can get from the drugstore. You a nice solid, matte black line that’s long wearing yet super easy to remove.

Maybelline Candy Wow Baby Lips in Raspberry: For the summer time you cannot go wrong with a vibrant lip-tint. The Candy Wow range is great because the formula is hydrating for the lips but has such a good colour pay off. It’s a very low maintenance type of product that you just apply without a mirror or the need for precision. It’s a really great beginner’s type of product that you really can’t go wrong with. I haven’t really tried the other shades in the range but this raspberry shade just leave this beautiful glossy finish with a colour that’s natural, cheerful and very inviting.

Swatches of the eyeliner and lip tint. Lip tint offers a sheer and glossy colour pay off, while the eyeliner provides a highly pigmented, matte finish.

Now my last favourite for the season isn’t a make-up or skincare product but this is something that I have searched high and low for. A while back I saw Ingrid’s “What’s In My Bag? No Crap Edition” I had my eyes on the YSL Signature 5 Fragments Zipped Case in black leather. It’s so beautiful but for $295USD? I think I’ll pass. So I went on a crazy hunt for months and months trying to find a card wallet that was similar, if not, the same as YSL. And low and behold I came across The Bag Department. The Bag Department is a Melbourne label that carries a range of leather goods and they just so happened to have a functional coin wallet that looks almost identical to what YSL has, only this one was a fraction of the price and I got it in the gift set with the key chain (thanks mum). I don’t really use a lot of cash so I was desperate to find a card wallet that could hold all the cards I needed while holding any spare change I might have.


And that’s it! It’s quite a long post this week but I really really hope you guys found this helpful and as always please leave any product suggestions that you think I should try! See you all next week! xx


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