REVIEW: Palmer’s Ultra Gentla Facial Cleansing Oil (A Shu Uemura DUPE)

I received this 50ml sample a few months ago when I purchased the eyelash curler during the Vogue Fashion Night Out event.

Let me just start by saying Shu’s oil cleanser is a very good cleanser. I used up the sample bottle within a month or two and I didn’t really have any problems with it. It was the first time I had ever used a cleansing oil so I was impressed to see how well it removed my make-up and how radiant my skin looked after rinsing. The only main down-side was that a full sized bottle of this is 450ml and costs $135. On a student budget, I’d have to give up eating for a few weeks to save up. Considering the massive price tag of this product I was not keen to purchase a full sized bottle. However, I am pleased to announce that I have found an affordable drug store dupe!!

Palmer’s Ultra Gentle Cleansing Oil caught my eye about a month ago. I was searching through Priceline’s website as one does when they’re procrastinating, and noticed that I had never actually seen this product before so I figured it’s a new-ish product (also didn’t find any reviews on it either). Conveniently enough it was at sale at Coles so I decided to give it a go and I have no regrets.  In a nutshell, I would say Palmer’s works just as well as Shu Uemura.

The Packaging:20160302_184553

Palmer’s Cleansing Oil comes in a 192ml plastic bottle (why don’t they just round off to 200ml, I don’t know) with a pump for quick and hygenic dispensing. Not sure if this would be travel friendly as the pump could twist off or break off so I would transfer this into a more travel friendly bottle if you plan on taking it overseas. And for only $14.99 I would say that’s a generous amount of product for such a good price.

The Performance:

They both remove waterproof make-up really well and keep your skin feeling clean without being stripped of moisture. The Palmer’s oil feels a little thicker in consistency which does take a little bit of warmth from your hands to blend with ease but other than that I love it. The thicker consistency is probably better if you have dry skin, it’s really going to help nourish and give the skin that extra oomph of moisture. It doesn’t break me out or make me feel oilier than I already am so it’s great for you oily skin beauties as well (really it’s great for all skin types). And once you’ve rinsed it off you won’t get any weird residue left behind.

It’s made with 8 different oils: argan oil, apricot oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, soyabean oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil. I know for me I wanted to try jojoba oil…apparently it’s good for oily and acne prone skin so I’m glad to see it in the ingredients list along with other nourishing oils and vitamins.

I cannot stress enough that this is such a good alternative to the Shu Uemura Ultim8 Cleansing Oil. And considering that you can find this in most supermarkets and pharmacies, you’re bound to find it on sale for even cheaper. If you have any other kind of cleansing balms or oils that you love, please leave a comment below and I’ll add it to my never ending list of products I need to try. See you guys next week! xx


16 thoughts on “REVIEW: Palmer’s Ultra Gentla Facial Cleansing Oil (A Shu Uemura DUPE)

    1. Oooh I didn’t know TP had a cleansing oil! Will definitely need to check it out! I’ve also been using the Muji Cleansing Oil which I really like and then lately I’ve been following up with a cleansing milk and go through that double cleansing process ^^


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